Company registration process Provided by NordriDesign Company's certificate LOGO •Original Business License of Enterprise •Copy of Business License of Enterprise •Bank Account Permit •Individual tax declaration password for t ax registration (e.g. general taxpayer and a general taxpayer registration form) Application for Business License Procedure LOGO The first step of registering a company - registration of enterprise name LOGO The applicant provides 2-3 company names. Example: Qingdao (Area Name) +a certain (Two or Three Word s, Enterprise Name) +Trade (Industry Name) +Limited Compan y (Type).Note: Industry names should be standardized. (The first step is to check the name of the company and apply for registration through Qingdao Administrative Examination a nd Approval Service Bureau. The staff of the Administrative Ex amination and Approval Service Bureau shall comprehensivel y examine and approve the registration.(If there are names tha t can not be approved, go to the scene to verify, after verificati on is successful, and issue the "Notice of Pre-approval of Enter prise Name" with the special seal of Qingdao Administrative E xamination and Approval Service Bureau's name registration.) LOGO The second step of registering a company - the materials needed for registering a company • Provide an ID card for a legal person, all shareholders, supervisors and fi nancial officers. • Business Address of Enterprise and Contact Telephone of Enterprise • Telephone calls from legal persons, all shareholders, supervisors and fin ancial officers of enterprises • Registered Capital and Proportion of Investment of Enterprises • If there is a need for special licensing in the scope of business, the projec t shall be submitted for examination and approval. • If there are special business license projects, the relevant departments n eed to apply for examination and stamp, special industries, license proce ssing, according to the industry situation and the provisions of the corre sponding departments, are divided into pre-approval and post-approval. (Special licensing projects, such as defense, petition, public security, env ironmental protection, science and technology committee, etc.) The third step of registering a company is to apply for a business license LOGO • After examining the materials submitted by th e enterprises, the Bureau of Industry and Com merce determines that the application meets t he requirements of enterprise registration. Afte r being approved by Qingdao Administrative Ex amination and Approval Service Bureau, the B ureau of Industry and Commerce issues the bu siness license of the enterprises and announce s the establishment of the enterprises. LOGO The Fourth Step of Registering Company - Public Security Seal • • • • Material needed for engraving an enterprise seal: Original ID Card of Enterprise Legal Person Copy of Business License of Enterprise The seal engraved by the enterprise includes legal per son seal, official seal, financial seal, contract seal and i nvoice seal. LOGO The Fifth Step of Registering Company - Applying for Tax Registration • Materials to be provided for tax administration: • Copies of business licenses, original identity cards of l egal persons and taxpayers, and official seals of enter prises. • According to the state tax registration regulations, the company must apply for tax registration within 30 day s from the date of printing the business license of indu stry and commerce. Step 6 of Registering Company - Bank Opening Basic Account of Enterprise LOGO • Material for the establishment of basic accounts b y enterprises shall be provided to banks: • When opening basic bank accounts, banks can be selected according to their specific conditions. • 1. Original business license. • 2. Corporate seal, corporate seal and special financi al seal. • 3. Original identity cards of legal persons (auditors) and agents. • 4. Two photos of an inch corporate entive. Purchase of invoices to open business and enter the actual stage of company operationLOGO Two ID cards of the invoice buyer (usually financial personnel, staff, etc.) are provided with official stamps and special invoic e stamps.Taxpayers themselves and the financial officers of th e company go to the tax department together. The first invoice is to be signed by a legal person, that is, to go to the tax depart ment together with a legal person. Fill in the application form for app

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