company new factory open work instrument type live move square case Enterprise Management Department March 1, 2011 Catalog 1. Background, time and place of the commencement ceremony P3 II. Organizational structure P4-5 III. Schedule of Preparatory Work Hours P6 4. Preparations for the commencement ceremony P7-14 V. Scheduling P15-17 on the day of the commencement ceremony VI. Cost Budget P18 Background of the First Starting Ceremony In order to convey the information of the relocation of the company site to the outside world, display the new image and appearance of the company, obtain further recognition and support from the outside world, and promote the transformation and development of the enterprise, a commencement ceremony will be held at the company's new site on March 28. Time and place of commencement ceremony Opening Ceremony Time: Monday morning, March 28, 2011 Opening ceremony venue: southeast corner of factory building A II. Organizational structure In order to assume their responsibilities, make preparations for the opening ceremony of the new plant smoothly and efficiently, and ensure that the opening ceremony is held smoothly and normally, the organization and relevant personnel are clearly defined as follows: Preparatory Leading Group for the Starting Ceremony of a New Factory Group leader: Zhang still Vice Team Leaders: Wang Tao, Zhou Xiaoshu, Huang Xiaoyun and Guo Wei Members: He Yanhui, Sun Ying, Ren Hongyu, She Chaohui, Mao Zhuzhi, Peng Chunlin, Jianghao, Zhu Cangshan, Ren Changxiong and Wang Zhichao Under the Preparatory Office Office Director: Sun Ying Members: heads of working groups To make preparations, 10 working groups were set up. 1. Logistics Service Group.Responsible for issuing invitations to leaders, guests and relevant units to participate in the ceremony; responsible for procurement of materials required for the ceremony; responsible for the travel and accommodation arrangements of leaders, guests and personnel of relevant units to attend the ceremony; responsible for the reception of leaders and guests before and after the ceremony; responsible for the logistical service guarantee of guests during the ceremony.Group leader: Sun Ying, group members: Li Yu, Li Zhaochun, Wang Zhilong, Xie Guowen, Li Li, Zhao Huilan, Zhou Hua, Qiao Hongjing. 2. Publicity and Reporting Group.Responsible for the preparation of the text, pictures and video materials required for the ceremony, as well as the photography, video and propaganda reports on the day of the ceremony.Group leader: Ren Changxiong.Members: Zhang Zhigang, Liu Yang, Chen Jianfeng and Zhou Zhiming 3. Atmosphere Layout Group.Responsible for the construction of ceremonial stage and audio rental and product exhibition hall layout, installation, beautification and atmosphere layout.Responsible for the workshop site environment, venue table and chair layout.Group leader: Peng Chunlin. Group members: Huang Zhijun, Peng Qibing, Wang Zhichao and Qijuan. 4. Etiquette reception group.Responsible for the etiquette reception and guidance of guests during the ceremony, reception of media friends; responsible for the ceremony, participate in ribboncutting, opening ceremony and other activities; responsible for collecting and temporarily keeping donations and gifts from relevant units.Group leader: He Yanhui, group members: Chen Yi, Luo An, Zhu Jin, Liu Fen, Xiaoxuan, Yinqin, Ren Xuan, Liu Cann, technical line female employees. 5. Leading reception groups of higher authorities and brotherly units During the commencement ceremony, all activities such as the participation, boarding and dining of the leaders of higher authorities and brothers'units will be guided.Team leader: Mao Zhunzhi. Team members: Chen Yi, Tang Jie, Wen Xiaohong, Yu Xiaojun and staff of Information Center. 6. Sales Reception Unit Group leader: She Chaohui, group members: Yi Fang, Liu Yan, Liu Tao 7. Supply Customer Reception Unit Team Leader: Jiang Hao, Team Member: All Staff of Supply Department 8. Guest Reception Team in Other Aspects Group leader: Zhu Cangshan, group members: Yangli, Li Chunyu, Qiao Hongjing, technicians 9. Program preparation group.Responsible for the hosting of the opening ceremony, the arrangement and performance of the program, the division of internal staff organizations and chair areas, the maintenance of on-site order, and the organization and guidance of relevant performers.Group leader: Ren Hongyu. Group members: W

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