Company Employee Sharing Agreement Party A: (hereinafter referred to as Party A) Legal representative: ID card number: Mailing address: Contact number: Party B: ID card No. Mailing address: Contact number: This agreement is based on the principle of both sides'voluntariness and equality. In order to motivate and improve the enthusiasm, stability, further strengthen the sense of ownership of employees, and increase the income of employees, after discussion and decision of the board of directors, Party A's 20% share is now regarded as the staff's incentive equity. For employees who meet the requirements of stock ownership, this agreement is signed as follows: Item 1 Statement of Stock Purchase I. The Object of Stock Involvement Formal employees of Guangdong Wuhuan Olympic Sports Industry Co., Ltd. (excluding subsidiaries) II. Conditions for Sharing 1. Company service time: the first anniversary of vice- president's turnaround, the second anniversary of minister's turnaround (including vice-minister's) and the third anniversary of commissioner's turnaround. 2. Performance Requirements: Every year, we can complete the performance target assessment, post responsibility assessment, and determine the shareholders according to the contribution rate to the company (see also the assessment plan). 3. Promise to serve the company continuously for no less than three years from the date of issuing the notice of employee's share. III. Equity Funds 1. According to the company's operating profit forecast for 2017 and 2018, according to the original stock ratio, 20% equity ratio is 2000 shares, which is equivalent to RMB 100 yuan per share. The matching table is as follows (for 2018 only). Serial number 1 Rank Maximum quota (shares) available for purchase Commissioner level 10 Amount Share ratio 1000 0.1% (yuan) 2 High 20 2000 0.2% 3 Deputy 40 4000 0.4% Commissioner Supervisor level 4 Supervisor 60 6000 0.6% 5 Director level 100 10000 1% 6 Deputy 200 20000 2% level general level Second Stock Involvement Agreement I. Shareholding Employees Party B (Name): Contributing capital, holding the matched equity shares of Party A company, enjoying the shareholder's rights and interests according to the percentage of the shares of Party A company. The shares are not registered for Industry and commerce,   and are held by Party A. Second, the time of stock purchase: 1. The time of stock purchase: from the date of the year and month, until the completion of the business of Party A or the withdrawal of individual shares. 3. The Nature of Internal Stock Holdings of Employees 1. The shares are (annual dividend shares) and cannot be transferred. 2The shares can enjoy the dividend of Party A's annual net profit. 3. The shares enjoy the right to know the operation of the enterprise. 4. The shares do not enjoy the management power of Party A. The management power shall be allocated by the person in charge of the company according to his position. 4. Dividend policy 1. Calculating method of annual net profit: Total Revenue of Fiscal Year - Total Cost of Fiscal Year = Total Profit of Fiscal Year (Costs include wages, commissions, rents, taxes, operating expenses, depreciation of fixed assets, and other expenses); 2. The calculating method of dividend: 100% of annual net profit is calculated, and the shareholders are calculated according to the proportion of shareholders. 3. Time and frequency of dividends: dividends are paid annually, once a year. 4. Employee's dividend should reach the minimum operating index, that is, the total turnover of this year should reach more than 2 million (including) and the net profit should reach more than 20%. If the above requirements are not met, no dividend will be paid. 5A general meeting of shareholders shall be held once a year and Party A's operation and profits shall be announced to the shareholders. 6Party B shall not arbitrarily request the withdrawal of the capital contribution in advance within the validity period of the agreement or before retirement. Profit Sharing and Loss Sharing 1. Both Party A and Party B shall share profits and bear losses and liabilities according to their respective actual share ratio (i.e. the proportion of total shares of Party A). 2Party B, with the written consent of Party A, shall have the right to return the equity principal,

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