Communication security is the basic requirement of national information security and human economic and social life Material 1:Recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences held a press conference in Beijing to announce that the Mozi Quantum Science Experiment Satellite has achieved all the established scientific goals ahead of schedule and satisfactorily, laying a solid foundation for China to continue to lead the world's quantum communication research in the future. Communication security is the basic requirement of national information security and human economic and social life.For thousands of years, people's pursuit of communication security has never stopped.However, the traditional encryption technology based on computational complexity has the possibility of being decoded in principle.With the continuous improvement of mathematical and computational capabilities, the possibility of classical cryptography being deciphered is increasing.Professor Pan Jianwei of China University of Science and Technology said, "Quantum communication can solve this problem.Combining quantum physics with information technology and using quantum control technology, information is encoded, stored, transmitted and manipulated in a revolutionary way, thus breaking through the bottleneck of classical information technology in ensuring information security, improving operation speed and measuring accuracy. The main research contents of quantum communication include quantum key distribution and quantum teleportation.Quantum key distribution (QKD) enables users in remote areas to share unconditionally secure keys through the transmission of quantum states, which can be used to encrypt information strictly once and for all.This is the only unconditionally secure way of communication known by human beings that can not be eavesdropped and decoded.Another important content of quantum communication is quantum teleportation, which uses quantum entanglement characteristics to transmit unknown quantum states of matter to remote locations accurately, instead of transmitting matter itself, to achieve information transmission through invisible transmission. (excerpted from Wu Yuehui's "Mozi" to seize the commanding heights of quantum science and technology innovation, People's Daily, August 10, 2017) Material two:Pan Jianwei's mentor Anton•Cai Ling said Pan Jianwei's team has taken the lead in the development of quantum Internet.Quantum Internet is a network of satellites and ground devices that can share quantum information globally.This will make it possible for non-breakable global encrypted communications, and at the same time allow us to carry out some new experiments to control long-range quantum connections.At present, Pan Jianwei's team plans to launch a second satellite. They are also conducting a space quantum experiment on the Tiangong 2 Space Station in China. Pan Jianwei said that in the next five years, "a new era has come in which many wonderful achievements will be made." Pan Jianwei is an optimist with infinite enthusiasm.He understated his confidence that the Chinese government would support the next ambitious five-year plan to invest $2 billion in quantum communications, quantum metrology and quantum computing, in contrast to the flagship project announced by Europe in 2016, with an investment of $1.2 billion. (Abstracted from Elizabeth Gibney's A Physicist Who Brings Quantum Communication to Space and Back to Earth, Nature, December 2017) Material three:Japan's Yomiuri Shimbun reported on May 2 that (:) China's experimental facilities are aimed at first-class journalists Ichihiko Shimada and Yuexiang Ship. China has just built a large experimental facility, China Spallation Neutron Source, in the hilly area outside Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, in southern China.The construction cost of the experimental facility reached 2.3 billion yuan, which was put into operation in March.China is the fourth country to have the same facilities after the United States, Britain and Japan.Naoto Saito, director of Japan's J-PARC Accelerator Facilities Center, said: "Although Japan is leading in technology and experience, China is developing too fast, and the center of Asia is shifting from Japan to China." There are still many large-scale projects in China.In March, the Chinese People's Polit

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