Preparing Comprehensive Individualized Development Plan 13-15Month age Great Sports Ability Fine motor ability cognitive ability Long term goals Short term goals Game strategy Climb stairs Jump up hand in hand and foot Hand running Climbing mountains: Choose low steps to let the baby climb up, then slide down, gradually increase the number of steps.At the same time with children's songs. Jump square: Draw a grid on the ground and jump into the grid with your baby's feet.At the same time with children's songs. Game: Running with baby's hands, such as pretending to chase a slightly older baby, let the baby exercise physical coordination ability. Strengthen the Hand's 6-tune Ability Practice putting objects in bottles Practice turning books page by page Practice panel Rabbit Home Game: Rabbitshaped doll, let the baby put the rabbit in a transparent plastic bottle, while encouraging and praising the baby. Parent-Child Reading: When reading storybooks, let the baby turn the book page by page, exercise the thumb and forefinger coordination, turn forward and backward. Let the baby play with graphics tie toys, and give encouragement and hugs when the baby puts different graphics into the tie. Imitation and size discriminatio Imitate Mom to Clean the Table Mother wipes the table to make the baby imitate. Give the baby two different Exercise physical coordination ability n Language ability Social Behavior Ability , Strengthen the Combination Ability of Language and Action Size discriminatio n Identifying books sizes of building blocks, let the baby put large building blocks in a big box, small building blocks in a small box. Mother says the name of the book, let the baby identify it, and then tell the story according to the baby's instructions. Identify body parts Baby and mother face to face: mother said body parts, baby pointed out with fingers, baby said, mother pointed. The game claps hands, nods and bends: the baby gives instructions, the mother does it, the second exchange, the mother gives instructions, the baby does it. Dance: With hip twisting, happy piglet music, mother and baby sing while doing action. Independent Living Ability When you wear clothes, you will stretch your hands into your sleeves, raise your legs when you wear pants, and put your hat on your head. The food will be spooned and put into the mouth. When you have urine, you will squat down in time or find a bedpan to sit down. What you can't do is ask for help from adults.

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