Common engineering equipment The current national standards are divided into mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, static equipment and non-standard equipment. Mechanical equipment generally refers to cutting, forging, casting, conveying, compressor equipment. fan, pump, The fan can be divided into centrifugal type, axial flow type and mixed flow type according to the flow direction of gas in the impeller. The performance parameters of the compressor include volume, flow rate, suction pressure, exhaust pressure and working efficiency. Motor: It is divided into DC motor, AC synchronous motor and AC asynchronous motor. Asynchronous motor: simple structure, easy manufacture, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. DC motor: It has a large starting torque, good starting and braking performance, and a wide range of smooth speed regulation. High Voltage Electrical Apparatus: AC voltage 1200V, DC voltage 1500V and above.High-voltage complete set refers to a combination of one or more low-voltage switchgear and related control, measurement, signal and protection equipment, as well as all internal electrical and mechanical interconnections and structural components. The performance of high-voltage equipment is determined by its role in the circuit. It has four main functions: on-off, protection, control and regulation. The performance of the low-voltage complete set is determined by its role in the circuit. It has four main functions: on-off, protection, control and regulation. Static equipment includes reaction equipment, heat exchange equipment, separation equipment, filtration and drying equipment. Reaction equipment: reactor, pipeline reactor, packing tower, gravity field. Power generation generation, equipment: hydroelectric nuclear power. thermal power power generation, Boiler equipment: low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure, subcritical, supercritical and supercritical. Petrochemical equipment: process towers, heat exchangers, reactors, filtration equipment. tanks, separation and

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