College Information and Network Center Rules and Regulations In order to strengthen the management of the office, ensure the smooth development of various work, and create a good office environment, this system is specially formulated. I. Basic System 1To get to and from work on time, leave must be approved by the leader, otherwise, absenteeism is calculated. 2During work, you must dress neatly. 3Noise and laughter are forbidden in the office area, which affects other people's work. 4Language should be civilized and manners should be appropriate. 5Care for all public facilities and maintain a clean and tidy working environment in the office area. 6Smoking is prohibited in public office areas and equipment rooms. 7During working hours, games and videos are forbidden. 8Before leaving the office, we must carefully close doors and windows, close air conditioners, water dispensers, electric lights and other electrical equipment, and strengthen the awareness of fire prevention and theft prevention. 2. Duty system As a technical service window for the whole school, good working attitude and efficiency directly reflect the professional quality and professional level of informationization personnel. Now the service standards and contents of duty personnel are clarified. 1Duty personnel must make the on-duty telephone (xx) answered by someone. Telephone call transfer must keep the transferred telephone unblocked. There can be no outage, shutdown or no signal can not be connected. 2Duty during working hours: The duty window is located in the business hall on the first floor of the network information center. In addition to fulfilling the above responsibilities, the relevant business consultation and on-site acceptance of faults should be answered. 3Out-of-work duty: before 22:30, you must be on duty in the office (recommended in the business hall); after 22:30, the telephone call will be transferred to the cell phone of the staff on duty on the same day and dialed for confirmation; the next day, the staff on duty on the same day will cancel the call transfer after arrival; on weekend duty, the staff on duty on the same day shall call the staff on duty on the next day. 4When answering business consultation and failure declaration telephone calls, the duty personnel are required to use the standard phrase "Hello!School Network Center.When dealing with problems, we should record carefully and answer patiently. If problems can not be solved, we should register them in NIC-OA in time. 5Regularly inspect the operation status of the central computer room (including the main engine room of the South Campus and the North campus) and UPS room, and fill in the registration forms of each operation status. 6Check and test the running status of network equipment and server equipment regularly, and fill in the operation status form of equipment. 7Check the content of portal website and BBS station regularly, and report abnormal situation to relevant departments in time. 8To supervise the operation of the network in each area during the shift, and to contact the person in charge of the area in time to troubleshoot the network faults in each area. 9Fill in the duty log carefully and in detail. Overtime system 1Overtime registration forms should be carefully filled out for those who fail to complete overtime due to their own work or increased work due to unexpected events. 2Overtime will come into effect after leadership confirmation. IV. Official Seal System 1Documents stamped with official seals shall be approved by the leaders. 2The official seal shall be used after filling in the registration form for the use of the official seal. 3Where the official seal is used without the consent of the leader, it shall be regarded as unauthorized use of the official seal, and those who use the official seal shall be dealt with seriously in accordance with the relevant provisions of the school. 4The official seal shall be used and kept by the comrades in the post of comprehensive management. Information and Network Center of XX College 2017September 18th 2013

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