2020The third survey of Huizhou senior high school Relative atomic mass: C 12 Na 23 o 16 K 39 Mn 55 Fe 56 7The following statement is wrong A. Building steel belongs to metal materials B. Limestone is used to make glass and cement C. Natural gas, water gas and liquefied petroleum gas are all compounds D. Polyethylene and cellulose are high molecular compounds 8Let na be the value of Avogadro constant. The following statement is correct A. The number of covalent bonds in 12g diamond is 4na B. The number of oxygen atoms in 2.24lso3 is 0.3na under standard condition C. The total number of nitrogen atoms in 1 l 0.1 mol · l-1nh4no3 solution is 0.2na D. When the anode generates 2.24l chlorine gas, the cathode generates 0.1na Na 9. the following figure shows a series of transformations of N2 molecule under the action of catalyst: The following statement is wrong A. Reaction ① belongs to nitrogen fixation; reaction ② can be used to synthesize HNO3 B. Under the action of catalysts A and B, the reaction rate was increased C. In reaction ① and reaction ②, polar covalent bond was formed D. Under the action of catalyst B, the reduction of nitrogen atom takes place 10It is known that the structures of styrene and cubane are respectively (b), (P). What's right in the following statements A. B, P insoluble in benzene B. B and P are isomers of each other C. There are 6 and 1 chlorinated compounds of B and P, respectively (stereoisomerism is not considered) D. Neither B nor P can discolor the acidic KMnO4 solution 11. The purification principle of wastewater containing pchlorophenol and sodium acetate is shown in the figure.The following statement is wrong A. The device integrates purification and power supply, and one of the products has the function of disinfection B. For every 1molch3coo consumed, the amount of proton passing through the proton exchange membrane is 8molC. In this device, the potential on pole B is higher than that on pole a D. The electrode reaction of a electrode is 12The relationships among the five short period main family elements are shown in the figure.TX2 is the main raw material of optical fiber products.What is wrong in the following statements A. Y is the most nonmetallic element B. The compound formed by R and X is an amphoteric compound C. T crystal is an important semiconductor material D. Simple ion radius y is smaller than Z and R 13At 25 ℃, titrate as shown in the figure below and obtain the corresponding curve.The following statement is wrong A.Ka2(H2C2O4)=10-4.19 B. Straight line I middleX= C. In nahc2o4 solution, C (H2C2O4) + C (H +) = C (OH -) + C (C2O42 -) D. The slopes of the two lines I and II are both 1 27. (14 points) KMnO4 is widely used in laboratory, life, scientific research and industrial production.It is known that the experimental process, principle and relevant data of KMnO4 preparation are as follows: Principle: reaction I:3MnO2+KClO3+6KOH3K2MnO4+KCl+3H2O Reaction II: 3k2mno4 + 2co2 ∧ 2kmno4 + MnO2 ↓ + 2k2co3 (dark green) (purple red) Known: solubility of substance at 25 ℃ g / 100g water K2CO3 KHCO3 KMnO4 111 33.7 6.34 (1) In step 2, a small amount of simple gas is generated in the side reaction, and the chemical equation of the reaction is. (2) In step 5, there is too much CO2 (fill in "energy" or "no" energy), because "energy" is too much. (3) The recyclable substances in the process are mainly chemical formula. (4) Neglecting the recycling of manganese in this process, theoretically, 0.3mol MnO2 can produce KMnO4 with a mass of ﹐ G.In the experiment, a student got the quality of the dried product more than the theoretical value, excluding the weighing factors. From step ⑦ analysis, the possible reason is that. (5) The purity analysis of Potassium Permanganate by sodium oxalate titration is as follows: I. weigh 1.5800g of potassium permanganate product to prepare 100ml solution II. Accurately weigh three parts of 0.5360g Na2C2O4 that have been dried, put them into three different clean conical bottles, respectively, add a small amount of distilled water to dissolve them, and then add a small amount of sulfuric acid for acidification III. the solution in the conical flask is heated to 75-80 ℃, while hot, titrate with potassium permanganate solution prepared in I to the end point. Record the experimental data as shown in the table Number of V1 (reading V2 (reading experiment before titration after titration / s / ml) ml) 1 2.65 22.67 20.02

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