2 Pudong New Area Guangming driving school subjects three simulation summary Key points: 1. do not move the steering wheel within 3S after the completion of the turn signal, no matter whether the voice broadcast needs to turn and according to the self judgment of the turn signal! 2, to the intersection, not the first row of departure clutch step down to the end and click the brake! 3. the car has stopped completely. Put it into gear again!Slow down and downshift. Pay attention that the clutch of the first gear and the second gear cannot be released directly 4. after the engine is turned off, first shift back to neutral, then start, and then shift to start! 5During the simulation, it is found that the road surface may be uneven. Semi linkage starting: (1) step on the clutch to the end, and step on the brake. (2) slowly release the clutch to shake first, and then release the brake to start. 6The first gear is used for starting, and when it is stable, it will be fully released. Immediately step on the clutch to the end and change into two gears. For turning situations, the first gear starts and the second gear is adjusted during turning 7The steering wheel of the right turn must be more than that of the left turn. Today, try to: (1) turn left, turn left more than 90 degrees; (2) turn right, turn right more than 180 degrees; (3) turn around: make a circle and a half, and then fine tune when it is almost straight! 8The judgment experience of driving at the right distance between the road center and both sides of the lane: the left side of the car head does not press the left line and is judged by the left reflector; the left and right sides of the front edge of the car cover press the right line and are judged by the right reflector. 9During the test, there is no regulation on the lower limit of the second speed (i.e. the first speed is directly connected to the second speed), the upper limit is 30; the lower limit of the third speed is 20, and the upper limit is 40! 10Correct remedial operation when the turn signal is turned off: stop the brake, turn on the turn signal again [left turn: pull rod down, right turn: pull rod up], return to the first gear, and continue to move forward / turn the steering wheel after at least 3S. 1、 Examination process 1. preparation for getting on the train Enter the test car, adjust the seat, steering wheel, reflector (left mirror: adjust the knob to the most right; right mirror: adjust the knob to the bottom left), check whether the gear is in neutral, the handbrake is pulled up, and the engine is off) 2. off vehicle inspection Before getting off, pay attention to the situation at the rear left, slowly open the door and get off, turn anticlockwise to the co driver's seat, follow the fingerprint as required, after listening to the voice instructions (please start the test), patrol anticlockwise and press the button � at the front left and rear right of the car (press more and pay attention to whether the voice instructions broadcast "there are students passing by"), return to the driver's seat and get on. 3, get on again, start Fasten your seat belt when you get on the bus!Check that the gear is in neutral again!Clutch to the end, brake, neutral start!(Note: start in neutral after flameout) 4Speech broadcast starts night lighting simulation test ⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠.(4) Please turn off all lights [pause] and start: after listening to this sentence, turn off the low beam and alarm lights. 5Start Closely connected with "please turn off all lights and start" is to start. When you hear this command, turn on the left turn signal, put in first gear, release the handbrake, at least after 3S, start from the semi linkage anti slip slope. After the car is stable to release the clutch, step on the clutch to the end, put in two gears. (1) Line 1 1Line No. 1 turns right into the straight driving lane. If there is no voice broadcast, the light will not be turned on. If there is, stop and turn right. After at least 3S, the gear will be adjusted to first gear. The first gear will start in half linkage and turn right (pull rod up) (the first gear will be released and then the second gear will be pressed tightly). Keep the vehicle in the straight driving lane. (2) Line 2 2Line No. 1 needs to turn left into straight driving lane, whether voice broadcasting and handling are the same as above. (3) Line 3 3Line No. 1 needs to turn to the straight driving lane from the front

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