2020 final English test paper of senior three, Haidian District, Beijing Part I: listening comprehension (three sections in total, 30 points) Section I (5 questions in total; 1.5 points for each question, 7.5 points in total) Listen to the following five dialogues. Each dialogue has a small question. Choose the best one from the three choices a, B and C. After listening to each dialogue, you will have 10 seconds to answer the small questions and read the next one.You will listen to every conversation. 1. How will the speakers go to London? A. By air. B. By ship. C. By coach. 2. What is the woman's brother? A. A project manager. B. A wildlife photographer. C. A government official. 3. Where will the man go? A. To the butcher's. B. To the baker's. C. To the grocer's. 4. What does the woman suggest the man do? A. Go to bed. B. Watch a match. C. See the dentist. 5. How much will the man pay? A.$10. B.$18. C.$20. Section 2 (10 questions in total; 1.5 points for each question, 15 points in total) Listen to the following four dialogues or monologues.There are several questions after each dialogue or monologue, from a, B, C given by each question Choose the best of the three options.Before listening to each dialogue or monologue, you will have 5 seconds to read each question. After listening, each question will be given 5 seconds to answer.You will listen to each dialogue or monologue twice. Listen to paragraph 6 and answer questions 6 to 7. 6. Why does the woman call? A. To make a reservation. B. To fill in a position. C. To talk to her friend. 7. What is the man doing? A. Ask for help. B. Arguing with a friend. C. Talking about an employee. Listen to paragraph 7 and answer questions 8 to 9. 8. Who is the man talking? A. Tourists. B. Cleaners. C. Volunteers. 9. Where will the signs be set up? A. Around the lake. B. In the picnic areas. C. Along the jogging paths. Listen to paragraph 8 and answer questions 10 to 12. 10. Why was the man stopped by police? A. He followed a vehicle too close. B. He cut in between two vehicles. C. He caused a really bad accident. 11. What does a ghost car mean? A. A car secretly following others. B. A police car that is unmarked. C. A car whose owner gets mad. 12. What did the man get in the end? A. A warning. B. A ticket. C. A fine. Listen to paragraph 9 and answer questions 13 to 15. 13. What are the speakers talking about? A. Intelligence changes. B. Climate differences. C. Creativity analysis. 14. In which season are people probably the smartest? A. Summer. B. Winter. C. Spring. 15. What has Huntington found? A. People are the least intelligent in winter. B. Cool weather is better for creative thinking. C. Our mental abilities don't change in autumn. Section 3 (5 sub questions in total; 1.5 points for each sub question, 7.5 points in total) Listen to the following monologue and complete the 16th to 20th questions. Fill in only one word for each question. Before listening to the monologue, You will have 20 seconds to read and 60 seconds to answer.This monologue will be heard twice. Nobel Prize Winner Name (16), Satyarthi Nationality (17) Award Nobel (18) Prize in 2014 ⚫ Collecting money to buy (19) for children Contributio ns ⚫ Saving over (20) children from a terrible life ⚫ Changing what people think about child slavery Part II: knowledge application (two sections in total, 45 points) Section I grammar filling (10 questions in total; 1.5 points for each question, 15 points in total) Read the following passage and fill in the blanks according to the passage.Fill in only one appropriate word in the blank where the prompt word is not given, and fill in the blank where the prompt word is given with the correct form of the word given in brackets. A The first time I saw May, she (21)(sit) in my front yard, hugging my dog Harley. She had just moved into a small house down the road from us. From the second I talked to her, I knew May would be a cherished friend. Her smile and good cheer made me feel better when I was around her. It didn't take long (22)May was beloved by everyone in our neighborhood. Children and adults visited her home often. When we visited her, she would kindly listen to all of our (23)(trouble) and then say something so wise that we would leave her home with our hearts (24) (sing). B We are drowning in a sea of free information. The Internet is in our businesses, homes and our bedrooms. An army of designers and data engineers spend

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