1、 Instrument introduction Ls1206b portable flow meter is used to measure the time average flow rate of the predetermined measuring point in the flowing water. The instrument is light in shape, compact in structure and easy to carry. It is suitable for river, pipeline, irrigation and drainage channel, water conservancy investigation and runoff experiment. 2、 Technical indicators 1. rotation diameter of propeller: Φ 70mm 2. hydraulic pitch of propeller: H = 120mm 3. starting speed of the instrument: V0 ≤ 0.05m/s 4. speed measurement range of the instrument: 0.05 ~ 8m / S 5Working water depth of the instrument: 0.1-1.6m (measuring rod) 0.1-20m (lead fish) 6. verification accuracy: when the formula mean square deviation m < ± 1.5% V < 0.2m/s, the relative error δ < ± 5% 7. signal frequency: one signal per revolution 8. ambient water temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃ 9. continuous working hours: 10h 10. display: Chinese LCD, 4 lines and 32 bits 11. working power: 7.2V \ 4200mah, rechargeable 12.Strong corrosion resistance, high reliability, safety in line with national standards. 3、 Instrument structure Sensing part: three blade propeller, used to sense the flow speed Communication mechanism: the number of propeller turns into electric pulse signal for counting Tail wing: plane wing rudder is used for the horizontal orientation of the instrument when measuring the flow in the open channel Measuring pole: with the predicted water depth, the top of the measuring pole is equipped with the flood number conversion socket 4、 How it works When the flow of water acts on the propeller of the sensing element of the instrument, the propeller will produce a rotary motion.The speed of the water flow and the speed of the propeller also change with the speed. There is a certain functional relationship between them.This relationship is determined by the flume test of the anemometer. Five, configuration 11 ls1206b general hydrological measuring instrument 21 set of sensor of propeller current meter 41 tail part 51 signal wire 61 wrench (27mm) 71 screwdriver for each size 81 identification certificate 91 manual Ls1206b portable current meter an instruction manual Introduction: Thank you for choosing our ls1206b portable flowmeter.Before using the instrument, please read this manual in detail, from which you can get information about the performance, use method and maintenance of the instrument, which will help you better use the instrument. 1、 Instrument introduction Ls1206b portable current meter (referred to as portable current meter) is specially developed for the field flow measurement of open channel in hydrological station, factory and mine, environmental protection monitoring station, farmland drainage and irrigation, hydrogeological survey and other departments. The portable flow meter is mainly composed of the propeller type flow sensor (or other types of rotor and propeller flow meter), ls1206b type flow meter and 0.4m × 4 Ф 16 measuring rod.The whole set of instruments is placed in the advanced aluminum alloy password box.When in use, it is assembled as shown in Figure 1, and the signal line is connected to measure the flow velocity in each open channel and automatically display the flow velocity. The instrument has the advantages of simple structure, light and convenient, low power consumption, complete functions, high degree of automation, stability and reliability. It meets the national open channel flow measurement standard and is equipped with 60 degree high temperature propeller. It is a new type of portable flow measurement instrument in China. 2、 Technical requirements: Speed measurement range: 0.06-8.00 M / s flow measurement error: ≤ 1.5% Display: 4 × 16 bit LCD Measurement method: positioning measurement by measuring rod (or positioning measurement by cable suspension) Temperature range: - 20 ℃ - 60 ℃ Power supply: dc8.4v (rechargeable battery), can work continuously for more than 40 hours after full charge 3、 Measurement principle: The instrument is designed according to the principle of velocity area method for flow measurement in open channel. The flow rate measured is q = V · s (s is the section area) 1. Flow measurement: When measuring the flow rate, the rotating propeller type rotor current meter is driven by water, and the built-in signal device generates the revolution signal. The flow rate is calculated by the following formula: v = k · n / T + C (M / s). Where: V: average flow velocity in flow me

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