Class meeting: Follow the footsteps of martyrs Qingming Du Mu in the Tang Dynasty It rains in the clear and bright season, Passers-by on the road are dying. Where is the restaurant? Shepherd boy refers to Xinghua village. Think about it: 1. What kind of festival do you think Qingming is? 2. Do you know the customs of Qingming Festival?What is the significance of these customs? Qingming Qingming Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals in China.It is not only a festival for people to sacrifice and remember their ancestors, but also a link for Chinese people to recognize their ancestors and return to their ancestors. It is also a spring ceremony for hiking, getting close to nature and urging new life.As an important part of Qingming Festival, the customs of sacrifice and outing mainly come from cold food festival and Shangsi Festival.Cold food festival is related to the ancients' understanding of nature.In China, the rebirth of new fire after cold food is a transitional ceremony of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, which reveals the information of season alternation, symbolizing the beginning of new season, new hope, new life and new cycle.Later, it had the meaning of "gratitude", more emphasis on the memory and gratitude of "the past and the martyrs". Tomb sweeping is a major custom of the Chinese nation.In order to better inherit and carry forward this tradition, Qingming Festival was officially determined as a legal holiday in 2008.In order to remember the revolutionary martyrs, carry out patriotism education, inherit the national tradition, inherit the revolutionary legacy, let's embark on the long-standing revolutionary road and recall the red footprints together! Another Qingming Festival, another day to remember the martyrs.Martyrs, at a time when the Chinese nation is in danger of survival, it is you who built the Great Wall with your own flesh and blood and fought against the Japanese imperialist aggressors.You have fallen, but thousands of "people who do not want to be slaves" have stood up, singing "March of the volunteers" to inherit your unfinished business; martyrs, you have left everything of your family and individuals, without hesitation, stand up, dedicate your precious life selflessly to the motherland and the people, and spread your blood all over the motherland. Martyrs, go all t Follow the footsteps of the martyrs Touching stories of the long march of the Red Army After the army entered the grassland, it was very difficult to March and lacked food and clothing, so many Red Army troops slept on the grassland.Seeing more and more comrades die, commander in chief Zhu issued a call to the comrades around him to "taste all kinds of herbs" and find some non-toxic and edible wild vegetables and weeds to survive the hunger. Once, the army camped beside a swamp with abundant water and grass.A little soldier suddenly cried happily, "wild radish!"Wild radish!"Zhang side came to have a look. Sure enough, the shape of a bunch of weeds is similar to that of radish leaves.The little soldier picked up one and put it in his mouth.Zhang side grabbed it, put it in his mouth first, chewed it carefully, and the taste was sweet and astringent.After a while, Zhang sider felt dizzy and distended. Then, he had a colic in his stomach and vomited.He hurriedly said to the little soldier, "this grass is poisonous. Hurry up, tell..."Zhang side fell before he could finish speaking.More than half an hour later, Zhang side woke up slowly and said vaguely, "leave me alone and tell other comrades." hinking and communication From this story, what qualities should we learn from Zhang side? Motherland, heavy mountain; martyr, bright red blood. ou know the martyr? Lei Feng Lei Feng, formerly known as Lei Zhengxing (December 18, 1940-august 15, 1962), was 22 years old. Lei Feng was born in a poor farmer's home in jianjiatang, Wangcheng County, Changsha, Hunan Province.Because this year is the year of Gengchen in the lunar calendar, he was given a small name, gengyako. One evening, when it rained heavily, Lei Feng saw a woman on the road carrying a child in her arms, still holding the child in her hand and carrying a bundle on her back. She walked smoothly in the heavy rain. Lei Feng hurriedly went to inquire about it, only to find out that the elder sister-in-law was going to zhangzigou more than ten miles away when she came back from other places to visit her relatives. She

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