Eighth grade physical education and health theory knowledge test question bank 1、 (20 points)Choice question 1The standard basketball court is 28 meters long and () meters wide. A、10 B、15 C、20 D、25 2The three elements that do not belong to health are (). A. Physical health B, mental health C, social adaptation D, mental health 3The following are () A. High jump B, hurdle C, 100m D, 4 * 100 relay 4, the following belong to the long-distance running project (). A. 200m B, 400m C, 800m D, 4 * 400 relay 5The biggest sports event in the world is (). A. National Games B, Olympic Games C, Asian Games D Winter Olympic Games 6Key points of three step basketball layup () A. One big, two small, three high B, one small, two big, three high C, one high, two big, three small D, one high, two small, three big 7. number of players of each team in basketball match () A. 4 persons B, 5 persons C, 6 persons D, 7 persons 8In basketball game, when one player is fouled by the other player, a free throw shall be made and a penalty goal shall be scored () points. A、1 B、2 C、3 D、5 9At least rest time after meal before exercise () A. 10 min B, 20 min C, 30 min 10What the Chinese call the national ball is () A. Table tennis B, basketball C, badminton 11If you want to lose weight, choose one of the following healthy ways () A. Don't eat breakfast B, do more aerobic exercise C, eat only meat and don't eat 12. if the basketball team has at most 12 players, the player's number is () A. 1-12 b.4-15 c.3-14 13The first gold medal winner of hurdles in China is () A. Xu Haifeng B. Wang Yifu C. Liu Xiang 14The main sports items of "pole" phenomenon are () A. Sprint B. marathon C. middle and long run 15How many meters is the international standard track and field venue for a circle?() A、400m B、250m C、200m D、180m 16What diseases can spitting cause: () A hepatitis B tracheitis C tuberculosis 17The normal brushing method is: () A vertical brush method B horizontal brush method C both horizontal and vertical 18Regular football match, with () players for each team. A、3 B、5 C、8 D、11 19In the formal competition, the sprint starts with the () position. A. Standing B, squatting C, squatting D, casual 2、 Fill in the blank(20 points) 1Track and field are divided into,, all-around competitions. 2Exercise load is usually called exercise volume, including and. 3In the course of endurance running, the required rhythm matches the rhythm of. 4There are many ways to rest, which can be divided into active rest and active rest. 5. basketball court standard: long, wide. 6The sports events of which the score is calculated by time are the jumping and throwing events of which the score is calculated by length and distance. 7The first world champion of hurdles of Chinese nationality is Yu, whose best result is Yu. 8For the items below 400m, 400m and 400m (including the first stroke of relay), you must use the "start" mode, and you can use the "start" mode. 9, the factors that determine the distance of the throwing event are the shot, the shot, and the shot. 10The Olympic motto is: higher. 3、 Judgment questions 1In a basketball game, the same player must leave after three fouls and cannot participate in the game.() 2The long line on the basketball court is called the bottom line.() 3, whether changing step frequency or step length, or both, will have an impact on running speed.() 4When appreciating sports competitions, people often say that "the expert looks at the doorway, the layman looks at the bustle".() 5. if there are only two stopwatches for each track, and the results are different, the better results shall be taken as the official results. () 6The running direction in the track and field is counter clockwise.() 7"Life lies in sports" means that all sports contribute to people's life and health.() 8Students who respond quickly must run fast.() 9In the official long jump competition, the best result is taken as the final result.() 10You don't need to work with your partner in sports or exercise.() 11, the most effective way to lose weight: control diet, increase physical exercise, behavior adjustment and drug treatment.() 12When volleyball serves, the position rotation is counter clockwise. () 13Health refers to a state of good physical, psychological and social adaptation, not just the absence of health Sick or healthy.() 14In sports, if you fall down accidentally and cause fracture, you should fix the affected area and send it to the hospital

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