Welco me n e s pre Distribute report c ard Holiday safety Introduce the new class rul es Holiday requirem ent Reasonable use of winter vac ation Vacation t ime: Wint er vacation starts on January 11, 8:00 am, February 10 (January 16) Return to school and report for clas s on February 20. Score analysi s The honor roll 班级 名次 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 姓名 总分 伊梦瑶 479 465 杨晨旭 朱涵欣 刘雨涵 寇冲 方雨龙 王森宇 马鑫磊 朱怡如 方耀祖 463 461 460 456 453 453 450 446 年级名次 1 Top scorer of single subject 科目 语文 数学 英语 社会 科学 姓名 伊梦瑶 王莹莹 翟云梦 寇冲 伊梦瑶 方雨龙 王恩来 伊梦瑶 杨晨旭 寇冲 李正凡 分数 99 100 100 87 98 Student chan ge 1 All the children have grown up. The most gratifying and fulfilling thing for me in the past s ix months is that there have been gratifying changes in th e children of the whole class, some of which are obvious, some are not obvious, but as long as there is a little, it is worth affirming.These changes include: more loving, polite, cheerful, not inferiority, positive, good at communication, learning to maintain class honor, can listen to class, can take notes, write seriously, selfmotivated 2 Negative chang e. Some people have learned to play tricks, gang up, deal with teac hers, become unsure, have concerns, do not want to communicate with parents and teachers, surf the Internet, deal with homework, don't like answering questions in class, don't raise hands, don't preview, don't review, not good at summarizing and thinking Holiday require ment Schedule of winter vacation in primary school 8: 00 get up (dressing, folding quilt, washing and washing required) 8: Breakfast at 30-9:00 9: 00-10:00 write winter vacation homework 10: 00-11:00 free activities (activities outside or watching TV, etc.) 11: 00-12:00 practicing or reading 12: 00-12:30 lunch 12: 30-13:30 rest (free activity without rest) 13: 30-15:00 reading or practicing (take part in activities during the new year) 15: 00-16:00 write homework for winter vacation (including homework assigned by mo m) 16 : 00 - 18:00 free activities (rope skipping and other activities are allowed) 18: 00-18:30 dinner 18: 30-20:00 free activities (including washing, watching TV or playing games) 20: 00-20:30 reading Holiday language requirem ents: Borrow the second volume o f Chinese books of grade five and recite all the texts to be recited. 2. Read articles or poems t o your family for 10 hours every day. 3. Refer to the book list provided by the teacher, or select extracurricular books for reading and make reading records.Please recommend a book you like after school.You must read some famous books after class during the holidays: Xiangzi the camel, 20000 Li under the sea Holiday language requirem ents: 5. Interview 5 different people, recor d and sort out their new ye ar's wishes, and b riefly write down their interview feelings. 6. Take a picture every day with words to record winter vacation life. 7. Watch the Spring Festival Gala with relatives and try to evaluate the program. 8. Create 3 New Year's greetings messages, collect at least 10 spring couplets, and write a spring couplet for the family. Holiday language requirem ents: 9. When a primary teacher, gather at least three peers, try to have a Chinese lesson, and record the process with ph otos and videos. 10. Collect the wrong words on billboards, TV, magazines, newspapers and periodicals found during the holidays, point out where the mistakes are and how to write the correct words, and record them. The family chronicles of 20 years were compiled in chronological order by means of both pictures and texts.Record one or two of the most memorable events each year.One sentence, one Holiday math requireme nts: 1. Design a 2019 calendar. 2. Make a list of annual goods with your family, purchase annual goods, cal culate expenses, and try to make the data into a proper statistical chart for senior students. 3. Record the source and amount of each new year's money, and make a ne w year's money use plan. 4. Find the symmetry phenomenon in life, take photos and record, and find t he corresponding symmetry category. 5. Play a racket game with your partner. According to the game, design a mu ltiplication problem and a division problem and solve them. 6. Use the objects around you to make a 3D figure according to your imagin ation. 7. Measure the length of the room object with a ruler and record. 8. Read a math book you like, and share your harvest at the beginning of th e semester. Holiday English Requireme nts: 1. Every

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