Clinical Critical Value Reporting System and Procedure In order to strengthen the management of "critical value" of clinical auxiliary examination and ensure timely feedback of "critical value", so that clinicians can take timely and effective treatment measures to ensure medical safety, this system and process are specially formulated in light of the actual situation of our hospital. All departments are requested to follow the implementation. First, "critical value" means that the results of auxiliary examination deviate from the normal reference range, indicating that patients may be at the edge of life risk. At this time, if clinicians can get the information of test results in time and give patients effective interventions or treatment quickly, they may save patients&apos;lives. Otherwise, they may have serious consequences, lose the best time of rescue, or evenIt&apos;s life threatening. II "Critical Value" Reporting Procedure and Registration System (1) Critical Value Reporting Procedure 1When medical technicians find out the situation of "critical value", the inspector should first confirm whether the inspection instruments, equipment and procedures are normal, whether the samples are wrong, whether the operation is correct, and whether the instrument transmission is wrong. In the case of confirming that there is no abnormality in each link of the inspection (inspection) process, the patient&apos;s medical staff in the Department should be immediately informed by telephone of the results of "critical value" and be detailed.Fill in the Register of Emergency Value Report of Medical and Technical Departments and report to the superior physician (examiner) or department director. 2After receiving the call of "critical value" report, the relevant medical staff should register in detail and standardize, and inform the competent doctor or the on-duty doctor of the results in time.After receiving the report, the physician in charge or the doctor on duty should immediately take corresponding measures in accordance with the clinical situation, communicate with the patients and their families, record the results of the "critical value" examination report received and the measures taken in the course of the disease, notify the superior physician or the director of the Department if necessary, and fill in the "critical value registration book of the clinical department" in detail. (2) Registration System 1The principle of "who reports, who registers, who receives and who records" should be followed in the reporting and receiving of "critical value".All clinical departments, medical and technical departments and emergency departments should establish the "emergency value report registration book". Detailed registration should be made for the process of "emergency value" Examination date, number, processing and patient&apos;s department, bed related name, number, information. medical record examination items, examination results, review time and results, clinical contacts, contact telephone, contact time, report person, notes and other items should be recorded.。 2"Critical value" reports focus on critical patients in emergency departments, operating rooms, various types of intensive care units and other departments. 3"Emergency laboratory, value" imaging reporting (X-ray, CT, departments MRI), include: ultrasound, electrocardiogram, pathology and other departments. 3. Clinical and medical departments should conscientiously organize and study the "critical value" reporting system, so that everyone can grasp the scope and procedures of the "critical value" reporting items and "critical value".Departments should have special personnel responsible for the supervision of the implementation of the "critical value" reporting system in undergraduate departments to ensure that the system is in place. Appendix: 1. Scope of emergency value report in medical and technical departments 2Flow chart of clinical critical value report and treatment Appendix 1: Scope of emergency value report of medical and technical departments (tentative in our hospital) I. Scope of Critical Value Report in Laboratory Chinese name Co de Com pany Low valu e Danger High value Danger Glucosedeficient blood sugar Glu Mmol/ L < 2.8 Hyperglycemic neurological symptoms and coma and permeability > 22.2 Polyuria with severe dehydration hypoglycemic and ketosis coma Hypokalemia Ser

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