All solid wooden cases must be exported in accordance with the methods of anti pest treatment of inbound and outbound packaging. First, the materials must be fresh, immortal and free of bark, insect eyes and mildew. This is the most basic export requirement.If the most basic requirements are met, the wooden boxes shall be customized according to the requirements of the drawings. The solid wooden boxes shall be put into the heat treatment kiln for heating, heat preservation and moisture preservation, insecticidal and sterilization, and finally dried. All the solid wooden boxes shall be subject to a series of heat treatment and high-temperature disinfection.These operation processes are supervised by the electronic remote supervision of the entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau. The wood core temperature should be 65 ℃ or more, and the relative humidity should be 80 ℃ or more, and it is qualified only when it lasts for 5 hours. Finally, we will send the comprehensive curve chart and the report of heat treatment results of wood packaging of goods in situation to the entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau for examination and seal, and then we can stamp the special seal of IPPC on the solid wood export box. The material of the solid wood export box must be kept dry without mildew, and the moisture content of the wood shall be controlled below 20%. The most important thing is that solid wood export boxes must be purchased by enterprises with formal IPPC mark and construction qualification. In this way, the export of solid wood export boxes will reduce many unnecessary troubles. For example, some enterprises in the market fake their own solid wood export boxes, but when they arrive at the customs, or leave the country illegally, the goods will be detained, even if they leave the country, they will be investigated and destroyed on the spot in foreign countries. Hangzhou Yongda Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a designated enterprise for heat treatment and fumigation of wood packaging of outbound goods of Hangzhou Customs. It is the president unit of Zhejiang outbound wood packaging industry association. The registered trademark of the company "Qiu Da" is a famous trademark of Zhejiang Province, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan, accounting for 30000 square meters of the ground. It has heat treatment and fumigation points under its jurisdiction, with a fixed asset of 80 million yuan. It produces and processes wooden boxes annually, 600000 wooden pallets.Specializing in the production of heat treatment and fumigation "Qiu Da" brand standard high-quality wooden keel, decoration strip.

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