Classification of Glass Lifters Electric glass elevators for cars are mostly driven by motors, reducers and guides. The utility model is composed of rope, guide plate, glass mounting bracket, etc.Material or maker of guide rope There are three kinds of electric glasses: rope wheel type, soft bomb type and plastic belt type. Glass elevator.The first two are using wire rope as guide rope, the second is using plastic belt. As a guide rope. Take the widely used rope wheel electric glass elevator as an example, it is electric. The machine, reducer, wire rope, guide plate and glass mounting bracket are composed of parts and components. When installation, the door and window glass are fixed on the glass installation bracket, and the glass guide groove is not steel wire. The rope guide plate is parallel.Turn on the motor and drive the reducer to output power. Pull the wire rope to move the glass mounting bracket, forcing the windows and doors to rise or fall. Linear motion.The guide rope of plastic belt electric glass elevator is made of plastic. Belt, with holes, to move and locate the plastic belt, control the lifting of windows and doors Drop. The key to the structure of electric glass elevator is motor and speed reducer. It is assembled into one body, in which the motor adopts reversible permanent magnet direct current motor. There are two windings of the same magnetic field coil in the motor, which can be controlled by the switch. Positive and reverse, that is to say, can control the rise or fall of windows and doors.electric Motivation is controlled by double switch button, with three working states: lifting, lowering and closing. When the switch is operated, it automatically stops at the "off" position.Manipulation Circuit Settings The main switch (central control) and the branch switch are connected in parallel.Main switch from Drivers, control the opening and closing of all windows and doors, and the points on the handles of each door The switch is controlled separately by the occupant, and the operation is very convenient. Such as Yasante Electric Glass Lift. Electric glass elevator can be divided into three categories according to its structural characteristics. Wheel type, fork arm type, soft bomb type.Its structural characteristics and matching models are shown in the table below. Structur al form Power type source Structural characteri Domestic matching stics Vehicle type DC micromotor operates elegantly by switching its electrical structure. Polarity, positive and negative rotation, stable, low noise, Di, Jetta, The rope wheel driving mechanism moves up and down. Fan Fukang is suitable for car models. No. Wai Jacques, Guang Passat et al. Driven by a motor to drive the reel drum Rotating, wire rope driven by reel Move up and down on the guide rail, steel The wire rope drives the transmission on the guide rail again To fix a windowpane. Move up and down to lift glass Function. Jinbei, The structure is suitable Fork arm type DC Micro-motor Change for Mitsubishi MPV. Electricity by Switch With a larger load, Machine polarity, positive and Charley, etc. negative rotation. Motivate the mechanism to move Door glass, up and down. The Pinion driven by motor structure is Drive the fan on the long armManufactu of simple. the fork arm ring cost Internal rotation of profile gear at for cars Low, a certain angle Turn, change the clamp of the Radian of long arm not the short arm door glass Angle, play the role of lifting Smaller glass. car Door. The mechanism of DC micromotor changing Cherokee, Yi electricity by switch Machine polarity, positive and negative rotation, single, manufacturing Vico, etc. Soft Motivate the mechanism to move up and down.Art bombar comparison dment The pinion belt is driven by the motor. type Soft Bombardment of Dynamic Spiral Steel Wire in Guidance Move up and down in the tube, and bomb up and down. Drive the glass up and down Move, play the role of lifting glass. Table: Structural Characteristics of Electric Glass Lifter Three types of glass lifts Basic Performance Institute of Glass Lifter with Rope Wheel Structure Next: Minimum load (> 120N); Speed and no-load consumption ranged from 75 to 95 rpm (= 3A); Maximum impact load 180~350N; The ascending and descending speed is more than 14 cm/s. The starting moment and current are 12-15.5Nm; <23A; The anti-prying performance is Life test - 20 2 10 000 times; 40 2 C, 90% humidity 30 000 600N. times 10 000 times at 70 + 2, 0.5, 0.5,

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