Checking system In order to ensure medical quality and safety, protect the legitimate rights and interests of patients, avoid medical errors, and strictly identify patients and specimens, this system is formulated. I. Clinical Departments 1When prescribing a doctor's advice, prescription or treatment, the patient's name, sex, bed number and inpatient number (outpatient number) should be checked.2. When executing doctor's orders, we should carry out "three checks and seven pairs": checking after dispensing drugs; checking before taking drugs, injecting and disposing; checking after taking drugs and injecting disposal.For bed number, name and drug name, dose, concentration, time, usage and expiration date.3. Check the quality, label, validity period and batch number before checking the drugs and using them. If they do not meet the requirements, they shall not be used.4. Before administering drugs, pay attention to inquiring about allergic history; check repeatedly when using poisonous, anaesthetic and limited dramatic drugs; pay attention to deterioration when administering intravenously, loosening and cracking at the mouth of bottle; pay attention to incompatibility taboos when administering various drugs.5. Before blood transfusion, it needs to be checked by two people before it can be imported. When blood transfusion, attention should be paid to observation to ensure safety.2. Operating room 1. When receiving patients, they should check the sex, bed number, name, sex, diagnosis, operation name, operation site, medication used during operation, medical records and data, preoperative skin preparation, etc.2. Before anesthesia, the anesthesiologist must check the name, diagnosis, operation site, anesthesia method and anesthetic drugs. Before anesthesia, he should communicate with the patient actively as the final check.At the same time, we should know whether patients have known drug allergies.3. Before skin incision, the operation should be suspended. The surgeon, anesthesiologist and nurses should check the name, diagnosis, operation site and operation method again before the operation can be carried out.4. All dressings and instruments should be counted before operation and suture for operation of body cavity or deep tissue.5. In addition to the conscious patients during the operation, wristband should be used as the basis for checking patients'information. 6. Before using various implants in vivo, the labeling content and validity period should be checked one by one.3. Pharmacy 1. Check the contents, dosage and compatibility taboos of the prescription when formulating. Doctor's signature is correct.2. Check whether the name, specifications, dosage and usage of the drug are in accordance with the contents of the prescription; Check whether the label (drug bag) is in conformity with the contents of the prescription; Check whether the drug has deteriorated or not, whether it has exceeded the validity period; Check the name, age, and explain the usage and precautions.Fourth, blood bank 1, blood group identification and cross matching test, when two people work, they should "double check and double sign", and when one person works, they should do it again.Gradually promote the use of bar code for checking.2. When haemorrhage occurs, it is necessary to check with the blood collector the number of departments, wards, beds, names, blood groups, cross-matching test results, blood bottle numbers, date of blood collection and blood quality.5. Laboratory Section 1. When taking specimens, check the sex, bed number, name and purpose of inspection.2. When collecting specimens, check gender, name, sex, Association number, quantity and quality of specimens.3. Check the reagents, items, whether the test sheet is in conformity with the standard, and the quality of the specimen.4. Check the purpose and result after inspection.5. When issuing reports, check the departments and wards.6. Pathology Section 1. When collecting specimens, check the unit, name, sex, serial number, specimens and fixatives.2. When making a film, check the number, type of specimen, quantity and quality of section.3. When diagnosing, check the number, specimen type, clinical diagnosis and pathological diagnosis.4. When issuing reports, check the units.7. Medical imaging department 1. When examining, check the department, ward, name, age, film number, location and purpose.2. In the course of treatment, check the department

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