Autumn Class Work Plan for Large Classes in Kindergartens Guidance:The autumn class work plan of kindergarten large class is for reference only. If you can help, you are welcome to comment and share. Every child should have the best possible start in life; every child should receive good basic education; every child should have the opportunity to fully tap their potential and grow up to be a person beneficial to society.Below is the "kindergarten large class autumn class work plan" for you, please visit the content.Autumn Class Work Plan for Kindergarten Large Class (1) After a summer vacation, the babies return to kindergarten to study, live and play. Autumn 2011 Kindergarten Class Work Plan (Small Class Plan for Large Class Middle Class).In the middle class, under the leadership of teachers XX and xx, the class management is only organized.For the new teachers who have just taken over the new class, I will be more strict with the XX teachers, seriously sum up the previous work, learn from experience, reflect on the shortcomings.Under the guidance of the new Outline, we should take the work plan of kindergarten administration and the teaching and research plan of kindergarten as the standard, carry out its spirit, and combine the actual situation of our class to promote the overall development of children.At the beginning of the semester, according to the actual situation of the class and the characteristics of children's age, we discussed and formulated a class work plan with the characteristics of this semester, as follows: 1. Class situation analysis: the number of children in our class this semester is xx.Among them, the boy's XX name and the girl's XX name.After two years of kindergarten life, children have made great progress in many aspects.From the perspective of ability, every child in the class has made great progress at their own level.The main manifestations are as follows: full of interest in all kinds of activities carried out in the garden, more obvious desire for knowledge, forming certain habits of behavior in all aspects of daily life, self-accomplishment of their own things, and help teachers to do what they can, most of the children can take the initiative to do the work of "on-duty students" and "little teachers".。 In terms of art, children have made good progress in painting, handicraft skills, rhythm and so on, and some of them have made remarkable progress in large muscle movements and sports equipment.In terms of interpersonal communication, children can actively interact with each other, cooperate, share and further enhance their awareness of helping others.But also found some shortcomings, such as: in class, some children have been unable to control themselves, often talk to the children next to them, each class should stop to rectify discipline.Therefore, in view of this situation, our two teachers in class used a variety of methods, as far as possible to pay attention to each child, so that children develop good classroom habits.In addition, I was just meeting the babies of Rainbow Class. They were not very familiar with each other, and it took time to run in.Of course, I will also learn from Mr. Luo, in the shortest possible time to get acquainted with the babies, and carefully look at the babies'previous information, learn from experience, reflect on the shortcomings, combined with the actual situation of children, work out the class work plan for this semester.Second, the focus of this semester's work is: (1) To cultivate children's sense of responsibility and responsibility is a necessary attitude and quality for a person to engage in any work.Children are the future and hope of the motherland, and the cultivation of responsibility is more important in the early childhood stage.Some people think that children are too young to understand the sense of responsibility, and that children are children, do not know anything, grow up naturally understand.This idea is very wrong. Only by cultivating a sense of responsibility from an early age, can we grow up to adapt to the society, take care of the family, fulfill their obligations to complete their own work, and thus become excellent talents.Of course, for young children, the cultivation of sense of responsibility is accumulated from the dribs and drabs of life.For example, children can arrange their own beds, pick up the pieces of paper falling on the grou

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