Safety risk prevention system in kindergartens I. Possible Legal Risks in Schools Relating to Damage to the Rights and Interests of Minor Students According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education promulgated "Measures for Dealing with Students'Injury Accidents" and relevant laws such as "Minor Protection Law", "Education Law", "Compulsory Education Law" and "Tort Liability Law", the legal risks existing in schools can be summarized as follows: (1) The potential safety hazards of school hardware facilities may lead to the risk of personal injury to minor students in schools. The school's "hardware" facilities cause damage to minor students.Because of the dense number of students in schools, if there are safety problems or improper management and maintenance of educational and living facilities within the scope of schools, major safety accidents will easily occur.Common are school buildings, classrooms, school office buildings and their shelves, suspensions falling off, or buildings, structures or other facilities and their piles collapsed, broken trees and other injuries to students. (2) There are mistakes in school safety management, failing to fulfill the necessary duty of care, and failing to take necessary safety measures, which may result in possible risks. 1For example, there are obvious omissions in safety management such as school security, fire protection, facilities and equipment management, or there are potential safety hazards and fail to take timely measures. 2When the school supplies the students with medicines, food and drinking water, it fails to carry out necessary examination and attention, leading to food poisoning or other accidents. 3Schools organize students to participate in educational and teaching activities or extracurricular activities, fail to carry out corresponding safety education for students, and fail to take necessary safety measures within the foreseeable scope; 4To organize or arrange minor students to engage in labour, sports or other activities that are not suitable for minors; 5For minor students with special constitution or disease, they fail to fulfill the necessary duty of care and guarantee, etc. 6(4) It is found that the behavior of minor students is dangerous, but it has not been managed, warned or stopped as necessary; (3) The risk of infringement of the law or the law by the school faculty and staff on the way and method of education and management of minors. If corporal punishment, disguised corporal punishment or other acts of humiliating human dignity are explicitly prohibited by law, if such acts occur, teachers, staff and schools will bear the corresponding legal responsibility. If the consequences are serious, such as causing the death of minor students, the responsible person may also be suspected of intentional injury or negligence causing death. (4) The risk that the school fails to fulfil its obligation to prevent damage from expanding or aggravating. Article 24 of the Law on the Protection of Minors stipulates that schools should timely rescue and properly handle minor students who have personal injury accidents in or out of school activities organized by the school. In fact, it is clear that the school also has the obligation to prevent the aggravation or expansion of injury when personal injury occurs. For example, in the case of sudden illness or injury due to students'own reasons during school, if the school finds out that it has the obligation to take corresponding measures in time to prevent the aggravation of adverse consequences in accordance with the actual situation; and in the case of injury to minor students by a third person.In such cases, it is equally obligatory to take necessary measures to prevent the expansion of injury. (5) The risk of failure to inform minors of information directly related to their personal safety. According to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education, the school has the obligation to inform the guardian of the minor students in time when it discovers or knows the information directly related to the personal safety of the minor students such as leaving school without authorization.When minor students have abnormal physical condition, behavior and mood, the school shall inform minor guardians. (6) There is a risk of obvious faults in hiring and appointing faculty members. If the school knows that teachers or other staff members suffer from illnesses that are not suitable for teach

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