C Language Progr amming school of computi ng Wei Hui Qin C Language Programming   Teaching requirements  Grasp the Basic Knowledge of Programming L anguage  Common algorithms  Preliminary Programming Ability Learning method  Autonomous Learning  Attaching Importance to Practice on Computer C Language Programming   Teaching emphasis Basic concepts and methods of programming;  In the environment of C language, learn how to a nalyze the problem, get the mathematical model , work out the algorithm and program it.  A well-organized and well-founded programmin g practice;  Common algorithms develop good programming style and habits.  Emphasis should be placed on the study of thinki ng methods and the encouragement of innovatio n. How to Learn to Program in C Lang uage as soon as possible    Understanding Programming Language (C Language) Imitation, rewriting, writing Through continuous programming practi ce, gradually understand and master the basic ideas and methods of programmin g. Textbooks  and reference books Textbook: C Language Programming (Edited by He Qinming and Yan Hui, Higher Education Press, 2008) Experimental Textbook: C Language Programming Experimental Course  Reference Textbook: C Language Programming (Editorin-Chief, Tsinghua University Press, Tan Haoqiang) Basic Programming (Tsinghua University Press, Wu Wenhu) C Language Programming (3rd Edition), [US] Stephen, G. Kochan, Translated by Zhang Xiaopan, Electronic Industry Press, 2006 C Language Course (4th Edition), [US] Al Kelley, Ira Pohl, Translated by Xu Bo, Machinery Industry Press, 2007 Teaching Content Arrangeme nt Preliminary knowledge of module 1 programming (2 hours) Module 2 expression and sequential structure (2 ho urs) Module 3 Branch Structure (3 Hours) Module 4 loop structure (4 hours) Module 5 function (5 hours) Module 6 Array (4 Hours) Module 7 pointer (4 hours) Module 8 Dynamic Data Structure (2 Hours) Module 9 file (2 hours) * Exercises (2 hours) Review class (2 hours) Total hours = 48 hours (theory 32 + practice 16) + extracurricular practice 24 6  Assessment of Courses Process Achievements: Peacetime Achievements (Classroom Performance, Peacetime Homework, Experimental Homework) +Comprehensive Experiment + Programming Ability Test; Final exam: 60% written exam + 40% process result 7  Question answering arrangement Answer time: Thursday 2:00-5:00 p. m. Location of Answer: Yifu Building 111 Teacher E-mail: hqwei@bjtu.edu.cn Counselor: Yang Yanzhao E-mail: 09120545@bjtu.edu.cn 8 Chap 1 Introduction     A C Language Program Programming and Programming Langua ge The Development History and Characterist ics of C Language The Process of Realizing Problem Solving Main points of this chapter        What is a program?What functions does a programming la nguage contain? What is the grammatical content of a programming langu age? What are the basic control structures in structured progra mming? What are the characteristics of C language? What is the basic framework of C language program? What steps do you need to take to form a runnable C lang uage program? How to describe a simple algorithm with a flow chart? 1.1 A C Language Program Input 4 Output 24 Example 1-1 for factorial problem.Input a positive integer n, output n!. # Include <stdio.h>/* Compile preprocessing commands*/ Intmain (void) /* main function*/ { Int n; /* variable definition*/ Intfactorial (int n); /* function declaration*/ Scnf ("% d", & n);/* Enter an integer*/ Printf ("% d n", factorial (n);/* Call function to calculate factorial*/ Return 0; } Infactorial (int n) /* Defines a function for calculating n!*/ { Int i, fact = 1; For (i = 1; I <= n; I +) /* loops*/ Fact = fact * i; Return fact; } C program consists of functions There is and only one main functio n main 1.2 Programming and Programming Language  program    To solve a problem, people use computer-recognizable co de to arrange a series of processing steps. The execution process of a program is actually a process of processing the data expressed by the program. Programming Language   A function of expressing and processing data is provided. Require programmers to program according to language s pecifications 1.2 Programming and Programming Language Procedures and instructions  Functions of Programming Language  Grammar of Programming Language  Compiling and Programming Environ ment of Programs  Procedures and

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