One DKP score 1. Fraction obtained A: MC (Heart of Melting Fire)+Princess Black Dragon MC1-9 BOSS 1 point guard BOSS 2 point Black Dragon MM 2 B: BWL (Black Wing Nest) 1-6No. BOSS 1 point 7 dog BOSS 2 point guard BOSS 3 point C: TAQ (Temple of Angela) Princess, Twin Emperors, Oro, 2 Minutes, 4 Minutes and 1 Minutes D: NAXX (Naxsamas) Spider area: No. 1.2, 1 point guard BOSS 2 point Hate zone: 1-3 1 point teleman 2 points Plague area: 1-2, 1 minute, 3 minute, 2 minute DK zone: 1-2, 1, 4, DK 4 Icedragon 3 points Kelsugard 5 points 2.Reclamation Award 1 A All DKP scores during the reclamation period are double!(BOSS, which has never been killed, is a waste. Once killed, it will not be rewarded twice as much.) B. During the period of reclamation, an extra hour will be awarded, one point will be awarded every two hours, and less than two hours will be calculated in terms of two hours. (Hours are limited to hitting people. Substitutes will no longer enjoy the hourly system.) C, set score 1, dissolution score 1 2(Stable Welfare for Newcomers) Newcomers stabilize 3 CDs (3 weeks) and report to the professional captain by themselves. The professional captain audits and notifies DKP managers to implement the bonus points (MC 30 Black Wing 24 Angela 24 points) (This system is only valid for new comers who join after 2 months after the current copy is fully available. For example, new comers who join after 2 months after the full copy are entitled to MC's bonus!By analogy! 3Professional Captain Professional captain's duty to ensure the attendance and guidance of professional staff!Assist RL management team Professional captain, initially appointed by the head of the regiment, is re-elected once a month. Professional captains are determined by their respective votes (e.g. FS captains will be decided by FS votes) Professional captains award guild supplies (such as gold coins, potions, mixtures) once every two weeks 4About DKP Records DKP loggers will upload the latest data to the website within 24 hours after each event, and you will check your scores on the website by yourselves. If there are any mistakes, please give them back in time.Otherwise, people's memory is limited for a long time!How can I recall it? DKP administrators reward guild supplies (such as gold coins, potions, mixtures) once every two weeks. II. Equipment Distribution System 1, The system of clear shooting is adopted for sub-equipment. All packages of bulk parts are filmed in 5 minutes and weapons in 10 minutes. (Negative points will not be allowed unless nobody wants them) 2. T1T2 Suit, 30 Top Seal!If the score is the same, point R decides (no capping restriction for the rest of the equipment) Tank equipment does not participate in scoring, and is assigned directly by RL!10 points deduction per piece of equipment 3. Equipment strong X system: When no one needs a certain equipment in the bidding stage, enter the strong X stage, according to the equipment attributes to check the equipment of the team members, choose the worst one to force distribution! Strong X equipment only calculates the base score! 4, In the first three months after the current replica FD, it is not allowed to acquire points across talents, and to acquire double points after killing the guard BOSS for three months. If there is no competition for Cross-talent acquisition of equipment, deduct points directly according to the bottom score! If Cross-talent acquisition of equipment is Cross-talent bidding, according to the normal deduction points!No need double. 5. Regarding trans-armor, healing knights are not affected by transarmor!Druids need to kill the current guard BOSS for three months before they can get cross-armour equipment. 6. The first three months of exporting a career to cross A should be double scored!Three months after killing the current guard BOSS, it can get the cross-armour equipment normally. (If there is no professional requirement for a piece of leather armor, when hunters or raging warfare require this cross-armor equipment, there is no need to double the score according to the normal score, and so on.) 7. MC+Black Dragon Computes a DKP Set BWL Independent Set of DKP TAQ Independent Set of DKP NAXX Independent Set of DKP Tri-orange Equipment and Individual Goods Allocation System Heart of Melting Fire (MC) 1The first two Fengjian will give priority to MT 2T and the second one will be obtained according to DKP score. 2The Orange Hammer will rec

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