Annual Work Plan of Employment Office This article is collected from the network and uploaded to the platform to help more people. If you need to use this document, please click the download button to download this document (paid download). In addition, I wish you a happy life, smooth work and all the best! There are 1495 graduates in 15 majors in XXX year.Among them, 1151 (1101 in threeyear system and 50 in two-year system) graduates from the first vocational college and 344 (108 in three-year system and 235 in four-year system) graduates from secondary vocational school.This year, the number of graduates in the whole province has increased considerably, and the employment situation of graduates is not optimistic.In order to do a good job in the employment of graduates of XXXX year in our college, according to the spirit of relevant documents from superiors and the working arrangement of our college, formulated the following work plan. we have 1. Strengthening Guidance of the Coordination and Graduates'Employment Work     1To raise awareness and strengthen leadership.XXXX year is the XXXX anniversary and the third anniversary of our college (the former XXXX provincial business school), and it is also an important year for our college to meet the evaluation of the level of personnel training.In order to ensure the smooth progress of the employment of graduates in XXXX year, promote their full employment and employment rate further of improve students, we the must strengthen leadership, truly implement the "first-hand" project, form a graduate employment system consisting of College leaders, functional departments, department leaders and graduate class counselors (head teachers), and take the opportunity of evaluation to further improve the graduation of our college.Employment mechanism for students.     2The Leading Group of College Graduates'Employment Work arranges and coordinates graduates' whole.Under the whole employment the college work leadership of as a the Graduates'Employment Work Leading Group, the Graduates' Employment Guidance Office of the College earnestly performs its duties, is responsible for the daily work of graduates'employment, the work Employment of the Working the coordinates Graduates' Groups of all departments, is responsible for the guidance and consultation of graduates'employment, publishes employment information, arranges meeting between supply and demand, and handles the formalities of employment report card, file transfer and personnel agency.The archives management of graduates'employment data, arrangement survey of follow-up the of graduates' quality and the statistical work of graduates'employment rate are well done.     3To guide the employment working groups of various departments to clearly define the specific division of labor and strictly carry out the employment work of graduates in accordance with the "Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Employment Work for Graduates of XXXX Information Vocational and Technical College (Trial Implementation)".To guide the employment staff of various departments and graduate class counselors (head teachers) to study carefully, to grasp the principles and policies of graduate employment and the specific regulations of the college, to provide employment guidance for graduates, and to help graduates analyze the employment situation.Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of teachers and staff, encourage and guide teachers and students employment information, contact employers, with to provide multi-channel consolidate the original employment base, open up new employment channels, and determine the employment objectives of graduate classes in light of the actual situation.Publish regularly the contracting rate and employment rate of all departments, majors and graduating classes in order to promote the smooth completion of the employment work of our college in the year of xxxx.     4To improve the transparency of the employment work, and to publish to all graduates the principles, policies and relevant regulations of the employment work of graduates, information on social needs, etc.   5Attention should be paid to summarizing and exchanging employment experience, actively exploring new ways of employment work, carrying out various forms

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