Lentinus edodes is a common edible fungus. Because the mushrooms can not be preserved for a long time after picking, they will be dried and preserved with drying equipment. So how should Lentinus edodes be dried? Let's explain it in detail. Prepare materials: do not water the day before harvest, and harvest timely.Lentinus edodes should be harvested when they are mature in the fourth five year plan, and generally they should not be more than eight mature.There are different kinds of mushrooms. They are exposed to the sun for 2-3 hours to remove some water.When the plate is installed, make the cover face up, the handle face down, and put them in the right place. Do not overstock them to prevent damaging the mushroom and affecting the quality.Lentinus edodes must be roasted within 6 hours after harvest. If there is refrigeration condition, the storage time can be extended appropriately. Drying temperature control: when the drying room temperature rises to 30 ℃, the mushroom can be dried in the room.Drying must be done at low temperature, then gradually increasing the temperature.Generally, it is required to dry for 10 hours at 38 ℃, 8 hours at 45 ℃, and 2 hours at 60 ℃.The higher the moisture content of Lentinus edodes is, the longer it needs to be roasted at low temperature.If the baking is just started, the temperature will suddenly rise, which will cause the tissue to lose water too quickly, make the mushroom cover not round and round, fold and fold, crack the cover, blacken the color, destroy the enzyme activity, and make the mushroom lose its original flavor.After being sent into the drying room, the mushroom should be baked continuously until it is dry. The heating should not be interrupted and the temperature should not be high or low. Otherwise, the color of the mushroom will turn black and the quality will decline. Drying humidity control: in the drying process of Lentinus edodes, in addition to strictly controlling the heating temperature, timely dehumidification is also an important link.The basic principle of dehumidification: in the early stage of mushroom baking, when the temperature of drying room is 38 ℃, it should be discharged at full load; when the temperature rises to 45 ℃, it can be discharged intermittently.After 60 ℃, there is no need to discharge humidity.If excessive drainage, it is easy to make mushroom pale and white.If the dried mushroom has a yellow color of water immersion, it means that the moisture is not good, or the temperature is not enough, especially if the heat is stopped halfway, it is more likely to cause this phenomenon. Baking quality inspection: when baking to 16-18 hours, open the door of drying room to check whether the dryness of Lentinus edodes is qualified.During the inspection, press the juncture of the fungus cover and the fungus handle with your fingers. If there are only traces, it indicates that it is qualified for drying. If the hand feel is soft and the fungus pleats are also soft, it is necessary to continue drying.The characteristics of the qualified dried products are as follows: there is a special smell of Lentinus edodes; the pleats are yellow, and the pleats are upright, complete and not inverted; the water content of the mushroom body is not more than 13%; the Lentinus edodes keep the original shape, the cover is round and flat, and the natural color is maintained. matters needing attention: According to the different picking seasons and weather, the moisture content of fresh mushroom will fluctuate greatly, so the drying time will also be different.

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