Annex 1 Task List of Safety and Stability in Lezhi Third Primary S Unit Name: (Seal) Head of Unit: Inspection Time: Year, Month and Day Responsibleentry name Serial number 1 2 3 Work system 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Three prevention constructi on 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Job content (1) Establish a school safety and stability work leading group consisting of the principal as the group leader, the vice-principal in charge of safety and the construction of teachers'morality and style as the Deputy Group leader, the members of the team and the heads of various departments; and (2) clarify the institutions and professional (part-time) management The first working meetingcadres. of the leading group in the first week of each month will be held to judge and deploy the work of school safety, stability and morality. (1) Establishing the responsibility system of "Party and government with the same responsibility, one post with double responsibility, and pursuing responsibility for negligence" and signing the letter of responsibility; and (2) linking safety work with staff evaluation, promotion and performance pay. Referring to the "Guidelines for Post Safety Work in Primary and Secondary Schools" and 21 working systems issued by the Municipal Education Bureau, we should revise and improve all kinds of safety working systems and the work system of teachers'morality and style in light of the actual situation. (1) Decomposition the "list of tasks" into each department, post and cadre, and (2) Publish it on the wall and accept supervision. At least once a semester, teachers and staff should be trained and tested on safety, stability and morality of teachers and teachers. (1) According to the method of deducting points for inventory management, a monthly evaluation shall be carried out; and (2) the results of the evaluation shall be published and the penalties shall be fulfilled. (1) Improving emergency plans; and (2) Organizing teachers and students to conduct at least two emergency evacuation drills per semester. (1) Full-time security personnel who have obtained employment qualification certificates and post certificates in accordance with 3 of the number of students; and (2) organize at least one skill training for security personnel every year to deal with emergencies. Security personnel, accommodation personnel, canteen workers and other personnel can not be on du Equipped with security "nine small pieces" according to the number of personnel on duty (1) riot helmet, 2 shield, 3 stab-proof vest, 4 cut-proof gloves, _rubber baton, _strong light flashlight, _self-defense spray, _safety steel fork, _multi-functional belt) acquisition and monitoring shall be carried out in densely staffed places such as gates, (1) Continuous image fences, canteens, dormitories, entrances and exits, and in key parts such as primary and secondary classrooms, kindergarten activity classrooms, bedrooms, etc. (2) Video monitoring shall be maintained and replaced in time to ensure use; and (3)and monitoring records shall police be keptroom for more 30 days. and (2) the security (1) The normal signs, signs, lights colours of the school meetthan the standards, personnel wear, hold certificates and go on duty armed. Video surveillance is set up in the police room 24 hours on duty, find out the emergencies and deal with them in time. Security personnel strictly enquire, check and register foreign vehicles, personnel entering campus and students going out during class (1) Duty personnel and security personnel guide students at key points such as staircase entrance during important periods such as after class, after school, after class exercise and evening self-study; and (2) patrol and guard campus, dormitory, toilet and students'activities after class and after school. Students on duty during (after) school hours carry out public security and traffic duty at the school gate (1) The "Ten Accounts" of the Police Office are well-documented and detailed, and (2) Five systems are on the wall. 19 20 21 22 publicity and education 23 24 25 26 27 28 30 Teachers should organize a home visit every holiday to strengthen parents'awareness of safety guardianship Coordinating the local government and relevant departments to carry out extensive safety publicity activities for students and parents School canteen must be licensed for catering service 31 Schools define specialized agencies and personnel to manage canteens 32 34 Employees in canteens should be trained an

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