Automotive Electricity Test Paper A Title One Two Three Four Five Six Total score number Score Raters Fractio n 1. Noun Interpretation (3 points per word, 15 points in total) 1.Battery initial charging: 2.Positive Diode: 3.Generator excitation: 4Ignition advance angle: 5.Open-loop control: Raters Fractio 2. Fill in the blanks (1 point for each blank, 20 points in total) n 1The main reasons for vulcanization of battery plates are as follows: 2The rated capacity of lead-acid batteries decreases by about 0.01% when the relative density of electrolyte decreases. 3Silicon rectifier generators can be divided into two types according to the way of excitation winding iron-lapping and iron-lapping. 4Before charging, the silicon rectifier generator uses excitation to generate electricity, and when charging, it uses excitation to generate electricity. 5The axial clearance of the armature of the starter should not be too large. It should be mm. If it is not suitable, the thickness of the front and rear ends of the rotor can be adjusted. 6The common one-way clutch of starter has three forms: one-way clutch, one-way clutch and one-way clutch. 7The ignition coil can be divided into two types according to its magnetic circuit structure. 8Automotive lamps can be divided into two categories according to their functions. 9LCD can only absorb, reflect or transmit light because it cannot emit light. 10Permanent magnet wiper motor uses three brushes to change the speed between positive and negative brushes. 11Air conditioning blower speed control is achieved by series connection in blower circuit. Raters Fractio n 3. Judgment questions (1 point for each question, 10 points in total) (1) Battery level is too low, mineral water can be added. (2) The electrolyte level of ordinary lead-acid batteries should be 10-15 mm higher than that of the protective plate. (3) The no-load speed of the silicon rectifier generator shall not exceed 1000 r/min. (4) When the battery discharges, its single cell voltage drops to zero volt. (5) The function of the commutator is to maintain the directional rotation of the DC motor. (6) The engine can still work for a period of time after the engine is out of operation, accompanied by a knock.The spark plug is too hot. (7) The high-light filament of the headlamp is located below the focus of the mirror. (8) The flashing signal of the steering signal requires that the pedestrian vehicle be able to see clearly beyond 35m from the vehicle. (9) When the generator recharges the lead-acid battery, the ammeter pointer should be pointed to the' +'side. (10) The counter number of odometer increases with the accumulation of mileage. Raters Fractio n 4. Single-choice questions (1 point for each question, 15 points in total) 1The rated capacity of lead-acid batteries is related to (). A, single cell number B, electrolyte number C, single cell plate number 2The full-load speed of silicon rectifier generator should not exceed () r/min. A, 250 B, 1000 C, 2500 3The methods of increasing the surface area of active substance on the plate of the battery are (). A. Increase the number of plates B, decrease the number of plates C, dilute sulfuric acid 4When the engine starts, the starter needs a strong starting current, which is generally () for gasoline engines. A, 100A-300AB, 200A-600AC, 400A-600A 5In order to reduce the spark, the contact area between the brush and the commutator should be above (), otherwise it should be grinded. A, 50% B, 65% C, 75% 6The high-voltage winding of the open-circuit ignition coil is also called () stage winding, which is often wound in () layer, and the low-voltage winding is called () stage winding, which is usually wound in () layer.() A, secondary, external, initial, internal B, secondary, internal, initial, external C, initial, external, secondary, internal 7The loudspeaker volume is related to the size of the coil passing through the loudspeaker. A, Current B, Voltage C Uncertainty 8Headlamp should ensure bright and uniform lighting in front of the car, so that drivers can see the road obstacles in front of the car. A, 10B, 50C, 100-150 9The function of water thermometer is to indicate the temperature of engine cooling water. Under normal conditions, the indicator value of water thermometer should be () oC. A, 80-90B, 85-95C, 85-105 10The refrigerant used in most automobile air conditioners is (). A. Ammonia; B. Freon 22; C. Freon 12 11The function of evapor

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