Malatang advertising slogan 1, spicy hot on the tip of the tongue, satisfaction on the taste buds.2. Yang Guofu is spicy and hot, which is good food in China.3. It's delicious and nutritious.4. It's hard to stop delicious food.5. Spicy style, Wang Tao I have.6. Yang Guofu is spicy and hot, suitable for "food" collection.7. Taste local snacks, why travel around? Yang Guofu has everything.8. Hot and spicy, Yang Guofu is fresh.9. Spicy delicious, healthy national welfare.10. Wang Tao is spicy and hot. The good taste is just to make you cool!11. This is the hot feeling.12. Wang Tao's spicy hot is the delicious feeling.13. Fresh, fragrant and clean.14. Spicy and delicious, it's just so enjoyable! 15. It integrates gold, water and fire, and penetrates the sea, land and air.16. Extraordinary cooking skill, pioneer of diners!17. Wang Tao is spicy and hot. He is the old Wang next door.18. Yang Guofu is spicy and hot. What he wants is the taste!19. Letter Wang Tao, good taste.20. Hot and spicy, hot and exciting, hot and energetic.21. Have a good meal and have a boundless mood.22. I didn't taste Yang Guofu.23. Your best choice - Wang Tao, Malatang.24. Bless your mouth, nourish your body and warm your heart.25. Not only spicy, but also life. It's a real taste of life!26. Eat Wang Tao's Malatang and enjoy a delicious life.27. The soup and fresh dishes are complete, healthy and safe - Wang Tao, spicy and hot.28. Dagu soup is rich in nutrition, spicy and hot.29. Spicy fragrance, you and I share!You can't let go if it's spicy!30. Wang Tao is spicy and hot. He has a good appetite.31. Wang Tao is spicy and hot. He likes it all.32. Ma Xianfeng, hot and fashionable, hot and passionate!Ironing!Ironing!33. The ice city is a delicious world of poplars, which is the leader of the country.34. In a good mood, eat a bowl of spicy hot.35. Wang Tao is spicy and hot, with waves on the tip of his tongue.36. Wang Tao's spicy and hot taste is familiar.37. Give me a chance to give you a lifetime of happiness.38. After eating, you will have a good fortune, and your heart will bloom in anger. It's all in Wang Tao's Malatang!39. Spicy and hot, delicious.40. Wang Tao's Malatang is unforgettable.41. If you don't eat Yang Guofu, you don't know how hot it is.42. It's very delicious. It makes you feel different.43. It's a family, Wang Tao is spicy and hot.44. Wang Tao is spicy and hot, saving money, labor and worry.45. Enjoy the same happiness, spicy and fragrant.46. Meat and vegetarianism, spicy and spicy.47. Wang Tao is spicy and hot, traditional and new fashion.48. Delicious and long lasting.49. Wang Tao is spicy and hot. It's not a waste of his trip to Taotao.50. Spicy life, longevity and health.51. Do not make it the most expensive, only do it to your satisfaction, Wang Tao is spicy and hot, and do everything well.52. Give priority to service, excellent fresh and spicy.53. Wang Tao, spicy and hot, is pretty.54. Wang Tao is hot and spicy. Everyone praises him.55. Guofu is spicy and has to take it.56. Spicy life, spicy family, spicy hot expert.57. Wang Tao is spicy and hot. It's delicious. You can drink all the soup!58. Pure spicy hot, fresh and delicious.59. Leave health and delicacy to you - Wang Tao, Malatang.60. If you want to eat Malatang, go to Yang Guofu!Take a bite, you have to eat a second!61. Delicacies are not uncommon, and national happiness is spicy.62. Guofu is spicy. Let's eat and drink spicy food.63. Eat in your mouth, and be satisfied in your heart.64. Truth, goodness, beauty, music and fragrance, Wang Tao is spicy and hot.65. Wang Tao, a "taste" trial, will never forget.66. Spicy and fragrant, enjoy together.67. The spicy kingdom is hot and blessed.68. A trip in a spicy mood, hot heart service, a moment of spicy.69. Yang Guofu is spicy and has a hot mouth. The more he eats, the more energetic he will be.70. Wang Tao is hot and spicy, and his fragrance (praise) is not unique.71. Spicy hot, that's the taste!72. Spicy in your mouth and in your heart.73. It's spicy and spicy. It's good to eat.74. It's hot and refreshing. Did you eat it today? 75. Feel the waves on the tip of your tongue.76. Wang Tao is spicy and hot. Spicy remains in his mouth and delicious remains in his heart.77. Wang Tao's spicy hot, healthy taste and delicious ch

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