Constitution The articles of association are formulated in accordance with the Company Law of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the Company Law) and other relevant laws and administrative regulations.If the articles of association are inconsistent with laws and regulations, the laws and regulations shall prevail. Chapter 1 Name and domicile of a company Article 1 Name of company:(hereinafter referred to as "company") Article 2 The company's domicile: Article 3 When a company applies for registration in the **** Bureau, its legitimate rights and interests shall be protected by the law of the State.The company is a limited liability company, which carries out independent accounting, independent operation and assumes its own profits and losses.Shareholders shall be liable to the company within the limit of the amount of capital subscribed, and the company shall be liable for the company's debts with all its assets. Chapter II Business Scope of the Company Article 4 The scope of business of a company:(subject to the approval of the registration authority). Article 5 A company may amend its articles of association and change its business scope, but it may not engage in business activities until it has registered its changes.The business scope of a company includes items that are subject to pre-license as stipulated by laws and regulations. The company shall engage in business activities after obtaining the license and registering the change of business scope. Chapter III Registered Capital and Income Capital Article 6 Registered Capital of a Company: RenminbiTen thousand yuan. Article 7 Shareholders shall be liable to the company for the amount of capital they subscribe to. Where a shareholder invests in money, he shall deposit the capital contribution in full into the account opened by a limited liability company in a bank; if he invests in non-monetary property, the capital contribution shall not be guaranteed, pledged or mortgaged, and the transfer formalities of his property rights have been handled in accordance with the law, and the valuation has been made. Article 8 Where a company converts its statutory provident fund into registered capital, the amount of the provident fund retained by the company shall not be less than 25% of the registered capital of the company before the conversion. Article 9 When a company reduces its registered capital, it shall apply for a change of registration 45 days after the date of the announcement, and shall submit the relevant certificate of the company's announcement of the reduction of registered capital published in the newspaper and the description of the company's debt settlement or debt guarantee. Article 10 When a company adds new capital, the shareholders have the right to subscribe their capital according to the proportion of paid-in capital.If a company changes its registered capital, it shall register the change with the company registration authority according to law. Chapter IV Names or Names of Shareholders Article 10 The name or name of the shareholder (initiator), the mode of capital contribution, the amount of capital contribution (unit: RMB 10,000), and the deadline for capital contribution are as follows: Article 11 Where a shareholder fails to pay his capital contribution in accordance with the provisions of the articles of association, he shall bear the liability for breach of contract with the shareholder who has paid his capital contribution in full and on time, in addition to paying the company in full. If the shareholders fail to fulfill or fully fulfill the obligation of capital contribution, the company or other shareholders may file a civil lawsuit and request them to fully fulfill the obligation of capital contribution to the company in accordance with the law. Article 12 After the establishment of a company, a certificate of investment shall be issued to the shareholders. A company shall keep a register of shareholders, and the shareholders recorded in the register of shareholders may claim the exercise of shareholders'rights according to the register of shareholders. A company shall register the name or name of its shareholders with the company registration authority; if there is any change in the registered items, the company shall register the change.No third party shall be confronted without registration or change of registration. Chapter V Legal Representatives of Companies Article 13 The

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