Panzhou Jianxing Construction Engineering Labor Co., Ltd. Constitution Chapter I General Provisions Article 1 In accordance with the Company Law of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the Company Law) and the relevant laws and regulations, this Articles of Association are formulated by the establishment of Panzhou Jianxing Construction Engineering Labor Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) with the joint investment of Yuan Xi and Peng Jianguo. Article 2 If the provisions of these Articles of Association are inconsistent with the provisions of laws and regulations, the provisions of laws and regulations shall prevail. Chapter II Name and domicile of a company Article 3 Company Name: Panzhou Jianxing Construction Engineering Labor Service Co., Ltd. Article 4 Residence: Unit 3, 4th floor, Guanyue Plaza, Hanlin Street, Panzhou City, Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province. Chapter III Business Scope of the Company Article 5 Business Scope of the Company: Construction Labor Services, Rental of Engineering Equipment, Sale of Reinforcement and Cement. (Subject to the approval and registration by the registration authority) Article 6 When a company changes its business scope, it shall amend its articles of association and register the change with the registration authority. Projects within the scope of business of a company that are subject to approval by laws, administrative regulations and decisions of the State Council shall be approved in accordance with law. Chapter IV Registered Capital Article 7 The registered capital of a company is RMB 5 million, which is the amount of capital subscribed by all shareholders registered with the company registration authority.The shareholders of a company shall be liable to the company within the limits of their subscribed capital contributions. Article 8 Where a company changes its registered capital or other registered items, it shall apply to the registration authority for the registration procedures for the change. Where a company increases its registered capital, it shall apply for registration of change within 30 days from the date of making the resolution or decision on change. Where a company reduces its registered capital, it shall apply for a change of registration 45 days after the date of the announcement, and submit the relevant certificate of the company's announcement of the reduction of registered capital in the newspaper and the description of the company's debt settlement or debt guarantee. Without the registration of change, the company shall not alter the registration items without authorization. Chapter V Name of Shareholders, Amount of Contribution, Mode of Contribution and Time of Contribution Name or Contribution name of s pledged sharehold Certificate number er (10,000 yuan) Mode of Capital Tim contributio contributio n n ratio n 52020219810913 Yuan Xi 240 currency % 8938 Jian 52020219850703 Guo 260 subsc currency % currency % currency % 6718 Peng Article 9 Shareholders of a company shall pay their capital in accordance with the provisions of the articles of association, and shall not make false capital contributions or withdraw capital contributions. After the establishment of a company, a certificate of investment shall be issued to the shareholders; the shareholders who keep a register of shareholders and record it in the register of shareholders may claim to exercise their shareholders'rights according to the register of shareholders.Shareholders shall pay their respective subscribed capital contributions in full and on time. If shareholders fail to pay their capital contributions in accordance with the regulations, they shall bear the liability for breach of contract with shareholders who have paid their capital contributions in full and on time, in addition to paying the company in full.If shareholders abuse shareholders'rights and cause losses to the company or other shareholders, they shall be liable for compensation according to law.If a shareholder abuses the independent status of the company as a legal person and the limited liability of the shareholders, evades debts and seriously damages the interests of the creditors of the company, he shall bear joint and several liabilities for the debts of the company. Chapter VI The Institution of a Company and Its Method of Generation, Powers and Rules

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