Application of PDMS in Engineering Design Si Yuan Si XX Petrochemical Engineering Design Co., Ltd. abstract From the point of view of study and practice, this paper summarizes the model making and prominent role played by AVEVA series software "PDMS" in petrochemical engineering design. Taking the basic training of PDMS and the training of administrators as the starting point, the author discusses the related problems step by step. Taking the "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Project" as an example, the author summarizes some problems in the process of making models and models in the actual use, and summarizes the possible places of various application software in petrochemical engineering design in the future.Put forward your own opinions on the position and direction of development. Keyword: PDMS Basic Model Problem Catalog Introduction... 4 Chapter 1 on PDMS.6 Section 1 Introduction to PDMS... 6 Section 2 Development of PDMS Section 3 Application of PDMS Chapter 2 Basic Operation of PDMS Section 1 enters PDMS. 10 Section II Data Center 2.1 Main advantages... 11 2.2 Module 12 2.3 PDMS Database hierarchy 12 2.4 Basic concepts of databases Section 3 Basic Interface 3.1 Design Operating Interface... 15 3.2 Navigator (Members List)... 16 3.3 View Control... 16 3.4 Use the mouse... 16 3.5 Access Views... 16 3.6 Use of toolbars... 17 3.7 Introduction of related modules of equipment model making 3.8 Use of entities and virtual entities in Desig mode 3.9 Query attributes... 21 3.10 Modify attributes... 23 3.11 Accurate positioning... 23 3.12 Mobile... 24 3.13 Measuring distance... 24 Chapter IV Modeling Section I: Making of Model Basics Section 2 Operations in Paragon Section 3 Create a new selection table... 31 Section IV New Specifications Section 5 Testing of the Model ___________ 36 Sum up... 38 Introduction In recent years, the growth rate of new projects in petrochemical industry has slowed down significantly. Most refineries have shifted their focus from new projects to upgrading and upgrading old equipment and products. This strategic shift of focus has caused many design institutes to face the predicament of "no project to connect".Among them, as one of the four courtyards of Sinopec design, XX courtyard is inevitably affected. However, due to the establishment and listing of SEG, XX courtyard has focused on a broader international market. However, foreign projects are restricted by many factors, such as national standards (professional standards) and environment of the owner's country, so foreign owners are concerned about the same construction period.We will pay more attention to the quality of the details of the whole project. However, our domestic design institutes have been habitually careless in the design process, which will inevitably lead to some minor problems such as collision and slight change of bending angle during construction. However, these minor problems and minor defects in domestic construction are very serious in the eyes of foreign project supervisors, and they will ask for them.All construction schemes must be identical with those marked on the construction drawings. Otherwise, the problem should be stopped and re-constructed after explaining design changes. The existence of similar problems will undoubtedly lead to a serious delay in the progress of the project. Therefore, for various reasons, AVEVA has developed a series of PDMS software forward-looking.Its appearance enables people to see the 1:1 model of the whole factory area before the actual construction, to make statistics on construction materials in the virtual environment, and to carry out collision inspection on pipelines, trough boxes and other places where there may be collision factors.Because the virtual model has the same size and location as the actual construction, designers have a more intuitive feeling about the actual construction in the future before the actual construction, and the above contents can also be output into the drawings and tables needed in the actual construction through the software.The application of PDMS series software undoubtedly shortens the construction period of the whole project and reduces unnecessary troubles in design and actual construction. Although the use of PDMS series software brings convenience to project design and construction, because of the localization of software object-oriented and the difference between software design idea and the use of Chinese d

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