Application for Transfer of Excellent Employees in Enterprises Xxx, female, joined China Unicom Meizhou Branch in July 2000. Now she is a base station professional in the Ministry of Construction, Maintenance and Interconnection.One year after joining the company, I grew from a college graduate with little experience to an operation and maintenance personnel. During this period, the leaders and colleagues gave me a lifetime of recognition and help, because without your support, I would not grow up today. From the heart, I sincerely thank you all.Operations and maintenance work is hard and time-consuming, so that people do not dare to make any plans for their lives, because there will be no holidays for breakdowns and complaints, it is possible to pull you back to the switch room at any time.Faced with the nature of such work, it is very difficult to do a good job if we do not really devote ourselves to it ideologically.Because work occupies a lot of personal time, it is very important to establish a correct attitude and belief in work.One year later, when the most difficult period of running-in has passed, it is gratifying to look back on those sharp ideological struggles and efforts I have made, because difficulties have not frightened me, but made me mature and brave.The main work of my base station specialty is to ensure the normal operation of more than 100 base stations, 3 BSCs, 4 XCDRs and the communication quality of the whole wireless network. It does not seem obvious, but if something goes wrong in one link, it will cause the operation quality of the whole network. Therefore, the monitoring of the whole network is one of the most important tasks. Once a fault occurs, it must be the fastest and the most influential aspect.Minimum means of grabbing, the main thing is to reduce the company's loss of profits and the negative impact on users to the minimum.After nearly a year's work, I can't remember how many times I was woken up by the telephone in my sleep. The sound of the telephone ringing in the middle of the night, except for the network failure, will not have any other, so even if I was sleepy and tired at that time, I had to go through the computer room immediately to determine the scope of the failure and remove it.Sometimes I will receive complaint calls from users when I am off duty. If I emphasize to users that the working time has passed, not only the users, but also the users themselves feel unable to say it. So no matter where they are at that time, the first thought is to give users a response as soon as possible, instead of complaining or evading responsibility.Operations and maintenance work is not very understandable to you, but if I can not even let users know that our Operations and Maintenance personnel attach importance to any complaint, then the work will not be understood and supported by users.Therefore, it is in line with the belief that the operation and maintenance personnel will not be blackened, but in dealing with faults and user complaints, I have asked my attitude to work wholeheartedly and conscientiously. Facts have proved that my belief can bring results.After one year's work, I have accumulated some practical experience, but I still feel that it is not enough. I hope I can understand more.In addition to network monitoring and index analysis, I feel that I can make progress by cooperating with the manufacturer. Although it is only to expand the interface circuit between BSC and MSC, when I see the normal operation of the equipment, my heart is very excited, because it is my own progress.In addition to completing my professional work in a conscientious and responsible manner, I am able to consciously abide by the company's rules and regulations, strictly require myself in all aspects, treat people with courtesy, respect leadership, unite colleagues, complete all the work assigned to me by the company's leadership on time and quality, and be able to bear hardships and endure hardships, be diligent, actively participate in various activities held by the company, and respond to the company.The activity calls for assisting the department leaders to make preparations and actively participate in the activities.The company is a big family. Only by harmony and unity can the development and progress be achieved. So can the departments. As brothers and sisters, we can create a harmonious working environment. As one of them, I think I have basically

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