7.1 Distribution according to work as the main body Coexistence of multiple distrib ution modes —— China's Distribution System China's Distribution System 决定 基础 Form of ownershi p Production relations 生产力 定决 Human-to-human relatio nship Distribution mode Decision Public Ownership as the Main Body and Mu tual Development of Multi-Ownership Econ omy Decision Distribution according t o work as the main body and coexistence of vario us modes of distribution 张三本人: 我在家承包 了五亩责任田,收 入还挺不错! distribution accor ding to work distribution acc ording to work • Basic contents and requirements: Scope of application: within the scope of pub lic ownership economy Distribution Basis: Based on the Quantity and Quality of Labor Distribution Content: Personal Consumer Goods Distribution Criteria: More Work, More Work, Less Work, Less Work Status: Subject of Basic Principles equalitarianism "Lazy man" fetter the productive forces eneral povert Workmen shout. Underground people a nd others, People who work look at people. Receive workers and drive people away. What will happen if you do the sa me thing as you don't, do more th an one thing, and do the same thi ng well or badly? Work a swarm of bees, work noisily, work hard, work hard, and make tr ouble cheaply. Self study • Why should we implement distribution according to work in our country?(premise, material basis, d irect cause) • What is the positive significance of implementing distribution according to work? • Distribution according to work is the main part of all distribution modes What determines it? Reason : Distribution according to work is determined by t he actual economic conditions in China. • Public ownership of means of production is the prec ondition of distribution according to work. • The level of productivity development under sociali st public ownership is the material basis for distribu tion according to work. • The nature and characteristics of people's labor un der socialist conditions are the direct reasons for th e implementation of distribution according to work. Significa nce: • Fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of workers, encourage them to study science and technology hard, i mprove labor skills, and promote the development of so cial production. • The fundamental negation of the system of exploitation without work over the past several thousand years is an i mportant condition for eliminating exploitation and pola rization, and reflects the social status of workers'commo n labor and equal distribution. The dominant position of public ownership in the national economy dete rmines the dominant position of distribution according to work in all distr ibution modes. Understanding of the "Subject" of Distribution according to Work as the S ubject 1. Viewing from the Distribution Structure of the Income of the Whole Society Public ownership occupies the dominant position in our national economy, and the majority of the workers are employed in the pu blic economy. Therefore, distribution according to work occupie s the dominant position in all distribution modes. 2. Looking at the Income Structure of Workers in Public Owned Enterprises Although the personal income sources of public-owned en terprises are gradually diversified, the distribution a ccording to work still accounts for a large proportion of the various income remuneration of workers. The happy life of the Zhang brothers... Although I to work predecessor ininmodern a When I usedmy work a smallof rest aurant, I could earn yuansta utomobiles, Huahan Group Beiqi is150,000 aHoldings collective year, andme nowamy Isalary. have three Guolin ill pays enterprise, income Now is Inot getfr l anchises an annual income of an annual ow, andwith now salary my annual of 200,000 salar y over one million! uan. y is 350,000 yuan. 我在马路边开了 个小店,收入还 不错哩! Zhang San's wife Income Distribution According to Individual Workers'Labor Achievements W hen I used mall to wo resta rk in urant n 150 , I cou a s ,000 y ld ea now u a n r a yea I ha v r, and e thre nchis e G uo es wi lin fra th an ome annu of ov er on a e mil l inc lion! Situation review What is the income distrib ution mode of Lao San Zhan g when he opened his own s mall restaurant?Later, his business became bigger and bigger. With chain stores, what kind of distribution did he get? Coexistence of multiple distributi on modes • Distribution of Labor Achievements of Individu al Workers (Income from Small-scale B

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