Gansu Fourth Construction Group Co., Ltd. Agreement on Safety Management, Civilized Construction, Safe Electricity Use and Fire Control of Subcontractors Subcontract management submission Project Name: Location of the project: Subcontractors: Safety Production Agreement for Construction Subcontracting of Construction Projects General Contractor (Party A): Subcontractor (Party B): In order to strengthen the safety production management of construction site, protect the personal safety, health and state property of workers and ensure the smooth progress of construction site, according to the Labor Law of the People's Republic of China, the Construction Law of the People's Republic of China, the Regulations on Subcontract of Construction and Installation Works and the relevant provisions of the Construction Commission of Gansu Province on subcontracting of construction projects, the two parties concerned with the construction safety of this project.The following agreements have been reached in production: I. General Situation of Engineering Project Name: Location of the project: Subcontract content (scope): Two. Construction period Start date: Date of completion: 3. Safety in production 1.The subcontractor must be a legal person with independent civil liability or other power of attorney issued by its superior competent unit (legal person unit) to carry out construction within the scope of its capital permit or authorized power of attorney.It must have an independent production safety license.(Report relevant qualification certificates, contracts, safety production agreements, etc. after entering the arena) 2.The subcontractor must be familiar with and strictly implement the Regulations on the Management of Construction Sites, Basic Standards for Safety Protection of Construction Sites, Technical Specifications for Safety of Construction Sites, and other standards and regulations Electricity laws, Use in regulations, concerning safe production.Be able to actively participate in activities related to the promotion of safe production. 3.The subcontractor must learn, master, and implement the current rules and regulations and requirements of the general contractor and the supervisor on safety production, obey the construction unit, supervisor's according to the command schedule, actively and arrange accept the supervision and inspection of the relevant units, and actively rectify the hidden dangers on time. 4.The subcontractor shall compile, examine and approve the feasible safety construction plan by itself and submit it it to the supervision unit for examination and approval, and strictly comply with the plan and the relevant national standards. 5.The subcontractor must establish and improve the safety leadership organization. The project manager and the safety personnel must have three types of personnel safety assessment certificates. The other managers must be licensed to work, and all managers should be on-site tracking management during the construction period. 6.The entry personnel of the subcontractor must carry out the three-level safety education system, and the special operators must be on duty with certificates.And report it to the general contractor for the record. 7.Subcontracting units must sign and strictly implement the safety transfer agreement on the construction site in time, equip sufficient safety protection facilities on the subcontracting construction site, and assume the responsibility of safety management on the full subcontracting construction site. 8.The subcontractor must accept the safety inspection of the production by the general contractor or the superior competent department of the general contractor and the relevant government departments. 9.The construction machinery and equipment provided by the subcontractor must conform to the national standards and regulations, and have good mechanical performance, complete safety protection devices, sensitivity and effectiveness. 10.The subcontractor must distribute qualified labor protective articles to the workers according to the regulations. 11.The sub-contractor must implement the system of reporting industrial accidents. If an accident occurs at the construction site of the sub-contractor, the sub- contractor must report it to the construction unit and the relevant departments immediate

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