Drying equipment is one of the most widely used unit equipment. It can be considered that the application of drying equipment has spread to all sectors of national production.For drying equipment, we must not simply consider it as a thermophysical dewatering machine.Due to the different materials and humidity types treated in the drying process, the various indicators of the products are also different.There are different requirements for material selection, equipment type, manufacturing and installation methods of drying equipment when it is manufactured in different locations. Anti-corrosion methods of drying equipment Most drying equipment is composed of welded parts, flat plates and cylinders.Really anti-corrosion treatment of dryers for different purposes. Here are some experiences in material anti-corrosion and manufacturing methods. Phosphating - passivation process in the manufacture of vibrating fluidized bed dryer, 70% of the parts are carbon steel structure.The working procedure has a long turnaround time, so a large amount of rust is generated on the surface. Before painting, more manual work is needed to remove rust.Phosphating - passivation process, through electrical and electrochemical reactions, through one-time treatment, can make the rusty iron and steel workpiece, the surface presents the original color of the metal, while forming a dense anti-rust film on the metal surface.It can be placed in moist air for more than ten days without rusting.Its operation method is simple, can improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity, save manpower and material resources.The phosphating-passivating solution contains emulsifier, molybdate, soluble phosphate and various acids. This method can be used not only in the above models, but also in other similar structures or racks. The application of electrostatic powder spraying in the manufacture of drying equipment Traditional paint coating is liquid, which contains a large number of organic solvents such as ester ketone and hydrocarbon, which brings a series of troubles to production, storage, transportation and construction, inflammable, explosive and very unsafe.Because of its toxicity, it evaporates into the atmosphere and seriously pollutes the environment.Therefore, paint experts at home and abroad are devoting themselves to developing new coatings with little or no solution.One of the new coatings is powder coatings. With the development and innovation of industrial equipment in our country, the dryer industry is constantly pushing through the old and bringing forth new ideas, among which the rapid rotating flash dryer is the breakthrough.Fast rotary flash dryer is advanced in technology, reasonable in design and compact in structure. It completes drying, crushing and screening at one time, reduces working procedures, saves energy, and has no environmental pollution. Its performance has reached the advanced level at home and abroad. The organic combination of swirl, fluidization, spouting and grinding classification technology of rotary flash dryer.Compact equipment, small size, high production efficiency, continuous production, the realization of "small equipment, large production".Rapid rotating flash dryer adopts many advanced devices, such as a variety of feeding devices, so that feeding is continuous and stable, and the feeding process will not produce bridging phenomenon; special cooling device is used at the bottom of the rapid rotating flash dryer, which avoids sticking and deterioration of materials in the high temperature zone at the bottom; special air pressure sealing device and bearing cooling device are used to effectively extend the transmission part.The service life of the dryer is divided into three parts: the use of special air distributor reduces the resistance of the equipment and effectively provides the air handling capacity of the dryer; the drying chamber is equipped with grading rings and swirling vanes, which can adjust the fineness and final moisture content of the material; the use of mixing and crushing device can produce strong shearing, blowing and rotating effects on the material; and the use of air filters, cyclone separators, bag dust collectors, etc., can effectively remove the material.Dust, avoid environmental and material pollution.The equipment has strong mass transfer and heat transfer, high production intensity, short drying time and short material residence time.The equipment is widely used for drying so

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