Ancient science and technology shine on China Section B Learning objectives 1. Experience the technological creation of China's leading world in ancient times from the aspects of bronze, silk and porcelain. 2. Understand the far-reaching influence and great contribution of the four great inventions of our country to the development of human society and the progress of world civilization. As early as 3000 years ago, the ancestors of diligence and wisdom made great achievements in copper smelting technology. I am the famous Simu Wuding. The craft is very complicated. It weighs more than 800 kilograms. Simuwu Tripod As early as 2000 years ago, our country's skilled craftsmen have invented more mature ceramic technology. By the Song Dynasty, China's porcelain production technology was more mature.Porcelain of this period was well-known in the world for its variety, exquisite firing and overseas sales. Four Series Celadon Cans of the Eastern Han Dynasty Porcelain of Song Dynasty Dujiangyan was Shujun in the Warring States Period Taishou Li Bing built a large-scale water conservancy project on Minjiang River.Its design is extremely ingenious. At the intersection of high mountains and plains, Chengdu Ping is made use of terrain and rivers. It turned into a "land of heaven".Two thousand Dujiangyan has been playing for many years. The great function of flood control irrigation.It embodies the diligence of the working people in ancient China. Labor, courage and wisdom. Zhaozhou Bridge is the oldest single-hole open-shouldered stone arch bridge in the world. Located in Zhaoxian County, Hebei Province, it was designed by Li Chun, a craftsman of the Sui Dynasty. It is 10 centuries earlier than similar buildings in Europe. What other ancient Chinese technological creations do you know? Collect data in groups. Explore and be in the class Exchange and display. Four Great Inventions in Ancient China Papermaki ng Compas s Movable type printing gunpow der Papermaking Papermaking Western Han Dynasty The earliest paper was made?  When did it first appear?What is it used for? It's made from it. Hemp  In 1986, a paper map was unearthed from an ancient tomb in Tianshui, Gansu Province.Experts identified that the paper in the Western Han Dynasty belonged to plant fiber paper. Put Ma Tan Paper in Tianshui, Gansu Provinc Cai Lun, a native of Guiyang in the Eastern Han Dynasty and a native of Yangyang in Hunan Province today, was talented and learned. He entered the Palace as Eunuch in 75 A.D. and later promoted Fang Ling. He studied the manufacturing technology of some industrial articles, including papermaking. When he saw that bamboo was bulky and silk was expensive and could not be popularized, and the quality of vegetable fibre paper was unsatisfactory, he decided to improve it by bark.Matou, rags, old fish nets and other raw materials are easy to obtain, waste is used, the cost is very low, and the production process is also very simple. After washing, chying, crushing, cooking and a whole set of processes, it can be processed into paper. He made this paper and presented it to Hedi. He was praised by Hedi. It is called Caihou Paper. Until today, the raw materials and technology of papermaking in the world are all.It is popularized on the second basis.  Dissemination of papermaking  Shortly after Cai Lun's improved papermaking, North Korea and Vietnam learned from China.  Paper making technology has been developed.China's papermaking continent has also spread to some countries in Central Asia.  Then it spread to India and Arabia.The earliest Arab paper mill was built in China.  People help build it.Through the Arabs, papermaking was introduced into Europe and Africa.  And America. Before the invention and extensive use of paper, China Bamboo slips or silk are usually used as writing materials. Say, compared with paper, these writing materials are What are the shortcomings and shortcomings? 1. Bamboo and wood are bulky and inconvenient to carry. 2. _____________. 3. ____________. Block Printing Sui and Tang Dynasties, woodblock printing appeared in China. t put the written words back on the flat boards. ard, use a knife to carve the negative characters of Yang Wen and then paint them on the b y brush the paper flat board, and finally the paper. n and bind it into a book. In the Northern Song Dynasty, Bi Sheng invented movable type printing.He carved the clay into patterns and then fired them in

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