I. School System Management 1. Responsibilities of the Head of the Garden 2. Teachers'Duties and Responsibilities 3. Nursery Care Offices and Responsibilities 4. Responsibilities of Kindergarten Teachers 5. Teachers'daily routine 6. Assessment System for the Quality of Teaching and Staff Work 7. Education Evaluation System 8. Weekly regular meeting system 9. Teaching, Research and Learning System in Kindergartens 10. Archives Management System 11. Kindergarten Financial Management System 12. Staff Training System 13. Kindergarten and Parent Contact System 14. Kindergarten Teachers'Duty of Weekly and Duty Work 15. Kindergarten attendance system II. Student System Management 1. Class Work Management System 2. Junior-junior cohesion system Health system 1. Kindergarten Health Care System 2. Morning Inspection System 3. Infectious Disease Epidemic Reporting System 4. Sanitary Disinfection and Isolation System 5. Kindergarten Children's Health Examination System IV. Security System 1. Security system 2. Personal safety measures for young children 3. Child Delivery System 4. Traffic Safety System 5. Fire Safety System 6. Accountability System for Safety Work Responsibilities of the Head of the Garden 1Responsible for all activities inside and outside kindergartens. 2To be responsible for the implementation of the relevant laws and regulations of the State and the relevant principles and policies of higher authorities, educational departments and kindergartens. 3Employment, allocation, guidance, inspection and evaluation of kindergarten teachers and staff are carried out, and rewards and penalties are given. 4To organize and lead the work of health care, education and teaching in kindergartens, strengthen the management of children's life, ensure the safety of children's lives and promote their healthy growth. 5To organize summarize the and lead kindergarten experience of education preschool reform, education and teaching, strive to improve the quality of education, and organize political and professional learning. 6To do a good job in kindergarten administration and formulate and urge the implementation of various post responsibility systems in kindergartens. 7Adhere to the principle of thrift and diligence in running kindergartens, manage kindergarten funds, property and facilities, beautify and green the gardens, and constantly improve the conditions for running kindergartens. 8. Organize and guide the work of parents, strengthen the contact with society and parents, constantly obtain new information of early childhood education, and strive for the support and cooperation of all sectors of society for kindergartens. Teachers'post responsibilities 1To implement the "Rules of Kindergarten Work" and "Regulations on Kindergarten Management" and the work plan of the whole kindergarten, and to formulate the work plan of education and teaching in accordance with the characteristics and personality differences of the children in this class, so as to rationally arrange the children's life and organize its implementation. 2Actively participate in political, professional learning and research activities of language and training, explore the laws of education for young children, explore educational methods, and improve the quality of education. 3Teachers in this class should do a good job in health care and create a good environment for children. 4To complete the education plan, notes, effects and experience on time, to analyze and observe the physical and mental development of children and to make records. 5To report regularly or irregularly to the head of the garden and accept its inspection and guidance. 6To ensure the safety of children's lives and prevent any accidents that endanger children's lives. 7Maintain regular contact with parents and cooperate closely with them in various ways to accomplish the tasks of care and upbringing together so that children can grow up healthily. 8Carefully complete the cleaning and sanitation work of the class's buildings, equipment and environment, and be responsible for the disinfection of the garden buildings. 9To do a good job in physical examination, vaccination and regular safety work to ensure the safety of children's lives. Kindergarten Kindergarten Kindergarten Delivery System 1Teachers who receive in the morning and send out in the evening should tr

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