Ancient science and technology shine on China Section A Learning objectives 1. Understand the story of ancient Chinese scientists. 2. Understanding ancient China from the perspectives of traditional Chinese medicine, agronomy and Astronomy Brilliant scientific and technological achievements. Stories of Ancient Chinese Scientists The story of ancient Chinese scientists Zhang Heng lived in an era when frequent earthquakes caused serious losses to people's lives and property.Zhang Heng is determined to build an instrument capable of measuring earthquakes in order to keep abreast of earthquakes in all parts of the country in time.After tireless research, Zhang Heng finally developed the earliest seismograph in the world. Zu Chong Zhi  Zu Chongzhi was smart and eager to learn when he was young. When he grew up, he was engaged in scientific research.He never believed in authority and often tested his predecessors'statements.H e never feared difficulties and tried to overcome them one by one.After countless days, nights and countless iterations, he finally got the circumference to seventh place after the decimal point. index card for files Circumference is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.It's usually expressed in pi.It is a constant (about 3.141592654) representing the ratio of circumference to diameter.It is an irrational number, that is, an infinite non-circular decimal. Zuchong's method is to cut the circle, and then sum up the calculation methods.If we want to get the circumference to seven decimal places, we must cut the 24576 polygon of the circle, and then find the length of the inner regular polygon in turn. The workload is enormous, which requires the calculator's utmost confidence and patience.It is precisely because Zu Chongzhi's circumference is accurate to the seventh decimal point. This calculation result is undoubtedly the most advanced in the world. Other countries did not accurately calculate the circumference until more than a thousand years ago. So Zu Chongzhi is the greatest scientist in the history of mathematics in China. To commemorate this world-class great scientist, the United States named a ring mountain on the back of the moon Zuchong as Zuchong's ring mountain.  Li Shizhen practised medicine with her father when she was young, and she was determined to grow up to be a good doctor who could treat people's diseases.Li Shizhen found many mistakes in the medical books written by her predecessors and decided to write a relatively perfect pharmacological work.For this reason, Li Shizhen wears straw shoes, carries a medicine basket on her back, crosses mountains and mountains, visits doctors to collect medicine, walks thousands of miles, listens to the opinions of countless people, refers to more than 800 books, takes 27 years, and finally compiles a great book "Compendium of Materia Medica", which summarizes the knowledge and experience of pharmacology. Li Shizhen Top Ten Scientists • Zhang Heng, a doctor, Fang Zu, Zhang Zhongjing • Zu Chongzhi, the master of mathematics; Notes on Huaxia-Yun Daoyuan • Sun Simiao, the King of Longevity Medicine, and Shen Kuo, a great scientist • Guo Shoujing, a literary giant, and Li Shizhen, a Chinese theologian • Xu Guangqi, the Pioneer of Enlightenment, Song Yingxing Monks and monks The monk's line is named Zhang Sui.An outstanding astronomer in the Tang Dynasty.For the first time in the world, the longest latitude of meridian was calculated, and Dayan Calendar was compiled.The leader of the Secret Sect of Buddhism is the author of the authoritative work The Great Nikkei Sutra Shu. Shen Kuo (1031-1095), in Chinese characters, Hangzhou Qiantang (now Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province Scientists and politicians in the Northern Song Dynasty Proficiency in astronomy, mathematics, physics, Chemistry, biology, geography, Agriculture and medicine; he was excellent. Engineers, excellent militarists, Diplomats and politicians; at the same time, He is knowledgeable and good at writing, and he knows the other side's chronicles, calendar, music, medicine, etc. The divination and calculation are all excellent.Mengxi Bi Tan written by him in his later years The outstanding contributions of the working people in science and technology are recorded in detail. His own research results reflect the ancient times of China, especially the Northern Song Dynasty. The brilliant achievements of Natural Science in that period. Celebrity Spirit I P

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