Acceptance Requirements for Fire Pumps 1 Fire pump should run smoothly, and there should be no harmful noise vibration. 2 The specifications, models and quantities of pressure relief valves, water hammer elimination facilities, check valves and signal valves on working pumps, standby pumps, suction pipes, outlet pipes and outlet pipes shall meet the design requirements; the control valves on suction pipes and outlet pipes shall be locked in the normally open position and shall be marked clearly; 3 Fire pump should adopt self-irrigation water diversion mode, and should ensure that all effective water storage is effectively utilized. 4 The functions of each terminal water test device, water test valve and test hydrant, water flow indicator, pressure switch, pressure switch (pipe network), flow switch of high-level fire water tank should be opened separately, which should meet the design requirements. 5 Open the test valve on the outlet pipe of the fire pump, when the main power supply is used to start the fire pump, the fire pump should start normally; turn off the main power supply, the main and standby power supply should switch normally; the standby pump should start and switch normally with each other; the local and remote start-stop function of the fire pump should be normal; 6 When the fire pump stops, the pressure of the water hammer after eliminating the facility should not exceed 1.4 times of the designed working pressure of the pump outlet. 7 The starting control of fire pump should be placed in the automatic starting block. 8 Fixed and mobile flowmeters and pressure gauges are used to test the performance of fire pump. The performance of the pump should meet the design requirements. Maintenance and management of water supply facilities such as fire pumps and pressure stabilization pumps shall comply with the following provisions: 1 The fire pump should be started manually once a month and the power supply should be checked. 2 Fire pump should be automatically started once a week under the condition of automatic control of fire pump, and automatic patrol and inspection should be recorded every month. 3 Daily check and record the operation status of the shutdown and start-up pressure and the number of start-up times of the pressure stabilizing pump. 4 The starting battery power of diesel engine fire pump should be checked daily, the fuel storage of fuel tank should be checked weekly, and the diesel engine fire pump should be started manually once a month. 5 The discharge and pressure of fire pump should be tested quarterly. 6 The pressure and effective volume of the pneumatic water tank should be tested once a month.

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