Core tips:Stopping links is one of the important external skills of broadcasting and hosting.... Stopping links is one of the important external skills of broadcasting and hosting.As the name implies, pause refers to pause and connection, both of which must be related to the opening of a door like a door.From the first sentence of a manuscript to the last sentence of a manuscript, pauses and connections follow each other.The location, duration and connection method of pause are determined according to the content of the manuscript and the need of expression. Therefore, correct and appropriate pause affects the audience's understanding and feeling of the program.Three key points should be grasped in learning and mastering the stop-and-stop technique: the position, time and manner of stop-and-stop.When these three key points are dealt with properly, you can basically express what you need to express by stopping.(1) Generally speaking, the theoretical circles of broadcasting and hosting summarize the types of stop-and-stop as echo stop-and-stop, differentiated stop-and-stop, parallel stop-and-stop, split-and-join stop, emphasizing stop-and-stop, judgment stop-and-stop, conversion stop-andstop, physiological stop-and-stop, aftertaste stop-and flexible stop-and-andstop.The following is a brief explanation of ten kinds of discontinuous use, taking the article "Repairing the Old" as an example.Ting Longyan came to Wujia Garden to make up for the old. At first, he had to send nurses and civil servants to General Peng. He didn't want them. He said, "I'm not sick. What kind of nurses do I want? Now I'm a casual person, and I need people to clean up and take care of my life. That's really not the case!"From then on, Peng always did everything in life, such as sweeping the floor, washing clothes and mending clothes.His wife, Comrade Pu Anxiu, worked as a leader at Peking Normal University at that time, and only returned on Sunday.When winter came, Peng always found out that his old cotton-padded clothes were mended under the eaves and basking in the sun. I watched him work very hard and said to him, "I'm all thumbs and thumbs. Let me come."He said, "You, I don't have to be here for two moments."I took a look at it. The stitches are neat, the horizontal is horizontal, the vertical is vertical, and the filling is good.Peng always looked at me from the old glasses and said with some pride, "Comment more on what you say."This time, he told me about his life: he lost his mother in childhood and his family was poor. He not only had to work hard for others, but also took care of his two brothers."At that time, what did not work, what did not suffer?"Peng always said deeply: "Today, live in this Yuanmingyuan, where the emperor Lao Tzu lived!"His cotton-padded clothes were bought for the convenience of going out and put on "cover" during the period of resisting the United States and aiding the DPRK.The material is very ordinary, and there is not even a blouse on the outside.It was this cotton-padded jacket that accompanied him to spend six or seven winters in Wujia Garden, and then to the southwest in it.Until he was dragged to Beijing by a group of people sent by Lin Biao and Jiang Qing, when we finally separated, he was wearing this black-blue cotton cloth with a layer of oil shining on it.I can't remember which winter it was. It was also a sunny day. Peng always mended his clothes in the yard. I took pictures of my family to play. I walked past him and said with amusement, "Take pictures, sir?"We all thought he would not do it, and we would say things like, "I'm ugly." Who knows this time he raised his head and sat straight with a laugh and said, "Take a picture!"In the laughter, I took him a picture of "old man mending old".The owner of this photo is no longer in the world, and the photo itself has turned into ashes in a catastrophe, but the scene at that time is forever in the heart of my wife and me.- From the echoic pause in "Beside Peng Zong": On the basis of clarifying the original meaning of sentences, the anaphoric relationship between sentences before and after is analyzed.It is necessary to distinguish between one echo, one echo, one echo or one echo or one echo after another.In the process of multi-echo, we should clarify the relationship between multi-echo, which is juxtaposition, progressive or other relations.For example, "His cottonpadded jacket was once bought for the con

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