A letter of commitment concerning the employees of the company Employee Commitment Fengyang Rainbow Bridge Human Resources Development Co., Ltd. I solemnly promise you that I will be hired by your company. 1. Comply with national and local laws and regulations, the company's "Employee Handbook" and systems.Obey the various governance company's job assignment and instructions. 2. Comply with the Company's "Secret System" and strictly abide by the company's commercial secrets. If the company system violates and causes the company's economic losses or reputation damage to the company, it is willing to accept the company or laws and regulations to deal with and assume responsibility. 3. If the company is willing to comply with the company's request to quit when it is laid off for reasons beyond guess, accept the company's payment according to the relevant national policies, without any other conditions or requirements, and handle the formalities of quitting and handing over within the prescribed time. 4. When I have to leave my post before the expiration of the contract, I am willing to submit an application for resignation as soon as possible according to the advance date of the agreement between the two parties in the Labor Contract, and leave my post after the approval and handover of the company. Otherwise, I am willing to accept punishment and assume legal responsibility according to the company's regulations. 5. The company's important technology and resources or other important confidentiality, or the business information that the company is obligated to keep secret to the other party according to the contract, shall be strictly conservative. It shall not be used to engage in matters harming the interests of our company, nor shall it use these resources or trade secrets to rely on our competitors or set up similar companies by itself. 6. Do not engage in or help others to engage in business that has a competitive relationship with our company; do not offer bribes, accept bribes or ask for rebates from customers; positions do or not jobs, take and advantage encroach on of the interests of the company. 7. Inventions and creations related to the company's accomplished business during my that tenure in I the company. If technical secrets or other trade secrets enjoy intellectual property rights by themselves, they should be declared to the company in time.If the company verifies that the results are truly non-functional, I shall enjoy intellectual property rights. The company shall not use these results for production and operation without my explicit authorization, nor shall it transfer them to a third party on its own. 8. In addition to the need to perform my duties, I promise that, without the consent of the company, no third party shall be made aware of technical or other trade secret information belonging to the company or to other persons by divulging, publishing, publishing, imparting, transferring or any other means, and that such confidential information shall not be used in addition to the performance of its duties. 9. After leaving the company, the technical secrets and other trade secrets which belong to the company or belong to a third party but which the company promises to keep confidential shall be subject to the same obligation of confidentiality and the obligation of not using the secret information without authorization as during the period of service, regardless of the reason why I left the company.The period of confidentiality obligation after I leave my post is two years from the date of my departure.I agree that the company has taken into account the confidentiality obligations I have to assume after I leave the company when paying my salary, so there is no need to pay additional confidentiality fees when I leave the company. 10. I promise that in performing my duties for the company, I shall not use any technical secrets or other business secrets belonging to others without authorization, nor shall I commit any acts that may infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others without authorization.If I violate the above commitments and cause the company to be charged with third-party tort, I shall bear all the expenses that the company pays in response to the lawsuit: if the company is liable for tort compensation, it has the right to

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