Safety Training of Lifting Operation-Interpretation of R ed Line of Lifting and Lifting Card Control in Joint Stoc k Company Xixian Youth Pioneer Park Project    According to the second quarter construction production video conference Bulletin of the joint stock company, there were 10 safety accidents and 22 deaths by the end of June, and 2 major ac cidents and 12 deaths.It is up from the same period last year. Four crane accidents and nine deaths accounted for 40% and 40.9 % of the total accidents respectively. Major accidents: 1 crane injury accident and 6 deaths, accounting for 50% and 50% of the total accidents respectively.  On April 15, 2015, China Railway Co., Ltd. issued the "Red Line of Safety Card Control for Lifting Operation of China Railway Co., Ltd ." which clarifies the key links of safety control for lifting operator s, schemes, equipment and operation process. Catalog I. Operating Personnel Management II. Preparation and Approval of Construction Schemes III. Lifting Equipment Inspection 4. Precautions Before Work 5. Notices in Operation Process 6. Notices after Work Operating personnel ma nagement Lifting machinery operators, cableme n and signalmen must be on duty with legit imate certificates; strict implementation of the "fixed person, fixed machine, fixed pos t" system, strictly prohibit the use of lifting machinery without witnesses. Operating personnel ma nagement (1 ) The validity period of the special operation certificate is 6 years, w hich is reviewed every 3 years. At the end of 6 years, the certificate needs to be reexamined and renewed. New Edition Certificate Old Edition Certificate Operating personnel ma nagement (2 ) Three determinations: Each machin e is managed by a driver in charge; the mech anical operators must be trained, and after p assing the examination, they can get the mec hanical operation certificate before they can go on duty, and they are not allowed to opera te the machine without the mechanical oper ation certificate. Compilation and approval of constructio n scheme For large and special lifting operations, special lifting s chemes must be worked out and the procedures for examinat ion and approval shall be followed. Compilation and approval of constructio n scheme 1. Preparing special programs (without expert demonstration): (1) Use unconventional lifting equipment and methods, and sing le lifting weight of 10 KN or more lifting projects. (2) The installation of cranes. (3) Installation and disassembly of lifting equipment itself. (4) Installation works of steel structures, grid structures and cabl e-membrane structures. Examination and approval procedures: Technical Department of construction unit technical person in charge of construction unit chief supervision engineer of project. 2. Preparing a special plan (requiring expert demonstration): ____________ (1) Using unconventional lifting equipment and methods, and lif ting projects with a single lifting weight of 100 kN or more; (2) Installation of lifting equipment with lifting weight of 300 kN or more; (3) Demolition of lifting equipment with a height of 200 m or mor e. Examination and approval procedures: Technical Department of construction unit technical person in charge of construction unit expert demonstration chief supervision engineer of project. Measures for Safety Management of Partial Projects with Greater Dangerousness (Construction Quality [2009] 87) Lifting Equipment Insp ection (1) The installation and dismantling of lifting machinery must be carried out by a professional team with appropriate qualifica tions; special lifting equipment must be inspected and qualified certificates and safety marks obtained before it can be used. Professional Qualification Testing Report Use Record Registration Qualification Certificate Lifting Equipment Insp ection (2) Safety protective devices such as luffing indicator, moment limiter, lifting limiter and various travel limit switches of lifting machinery must be complete, sensitive and reliable; it is strictly forbidden to use limiter and limit device instead of control me chanism and to work with disease. Lifting Limiter Construction Elevator Travel Limiting Device Limiting Switch for Cabin Skylight Safety device of construction hoist 1. Safety Switch for Outer Cage Door: Open Outer Cage D Mec han ical Saf ety Dev ice 1. Safety hook: prevent ladder cage from overturni oor to Restrict the Operation of Ladder Cage

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