5G Basic Examination Questions (with Answers) I. Single Choice Questions 1The basic time unit of 5G NR frame structure is (C) A) subframe B) slot C) Tc D) symbol 2What is the length of 5G wireless frame MS (B) A) 5 B) 10 C) 20 D) 40 3In EN-DC, the reference signal used by MCG for NR adjacent area measurement (A) A) SSB RS B) CSI-RS C) C-RS D) DM-RS 4In EN-DC, which of the following measurements is not currently defi ned (C) A) Measurement of 2/3G Neighborhood Area under MCG B) LTE neighborhood measurement under MCG C) LTE neighborhood measurement under SCG D) NR adjacent area measurement under SCG 5The meaning of dividing SUL frequency band is (C) A) Increasing Uplink Data Transmission Rate B) Increase downlink data transmission rate C) With 3.5 GHz to supplement the upstream coverage D) with 5GHz to supplement downlink coverage 6The maximum bandwidth of sub-6GHz band in 5G is (B) A) 200MHz B) 100MHz C) 80MHz D) 60MHz 7In 5G technology, the technology used to increase the number of access users is (A) A) Massive MIMO B) SOMA C) Massive CA D) 1mcTTI 85 GNR has the highest bandwidth utilization (A) A) 98.28% B) 90.28% C) 92.55% D) 97.32% 9Five gigabytes per square kilometer support at least several devices (D) A) 1000 B) 10 thousand C) 100 thousand D) 1 million 10When base station bandwidth is 80MHz, UE channel bandwidth can not be (A) A) 120MHz B) 40MHz C) 20MHz D) 50MHz 11The main cell of SCG is called (D) A) Primary cell B) MCG Secondary Cell C) SCG Secondary Cell D) PSCell 12Which of the following seed carrier spacing is required in China Mobile White Paper (B) A) 15KHz B) 30KHz C) 60KHz D) 120KHz 13What parameters does the 5G parameter set contain (A) A) SCS+CP B) BWP C) Bandwidth D) Slot format 14For a service cell, the base station can confi gure multiple DL BWPs and ULBWPs to UE by special RRC signaling, and how many (B) can each be allocated at most? A) 2 B) 4 C) 8 D) 12 15Which of the following is wrong in the 5G frame structure description (C) A) Frame structure confi guration can be confi gured by SIB static frame structure B) The ratio of upstream and downstream resources can be adjusted between 1:4 and 2:3. C) In the protocol of R15, the tdd-UL-DL-Confi guration Dedicated of RRC high-level confi guration defi nes the period size. D) DCI format2-0 for dynamic indicator frame structure 16How many RB(C) does a BWP occupy at least? A) 16 B) 22 C) 24 D) 32 17(B) A) Network confi guration CSI-RS resources and reporting methods B) UE reports bean measurements via RRC signaling C) Beams can be grouped and reported as groups D) UE can report bean measurements through SSB 18The RS type of NR measured by LTE is (A) A) SSB B) CSI-RS C) Mix of SSB and CSI-RS D) CRS 19LTE measures NR. The basic unit of measurement is (B) A) community B) Beam C) carrier wave D) PLMN 20At present, there are several kinds of Gap and Gap Patterns determined by NR FR1 and LTE (D) A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4 21Which of the following is correct when SCG fails (D) A) UE suspends all SCG wireless bearer SCG transmission and reports SCG failure information to MN, triggering RRC connection reconstruction B) UE does not maintain the current MN and SN measurement confi guration C) UE does not perform MN and SN confi guration measurements D) When the measurement of SN confi guration is routed through MN, UE continues to report the measurement report formed by the measurement of SN confi guration when the SCG fails. 22In measconfi g, a maximum number of SMTC windows (B) can be confi gured for SBS-based NR cofrequency measurements. A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4 23After Release 14, there are several PHR Types (C) A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4 24Which of the following is PHR (C) for SRS transmission? A) Type1 B) Type2 C) Type3 D) Type4 25Under 5GNR, an SS/PBCH block contains (D) OFDM symbols A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4 26Under 5GNR, when the number of layers is greater than (C) in DL Layer mapping, codeword is dualstream. A) 2 B) 3 C) 4 D) 5 27Which of the following options is the PUCCH confi guration feature under 5G NR (D) A) System bandwidth at both ends B) Fixed 14 symbols C) frequency hopping D) Flexible Length 28The following statement about 5GNR slot format is correct (C) A) Modifi cation of DL/UL allocation in slots B) Supporting confi guration Periodic = 0.625ms when SCS = 60KHz C) In Cell-specifi c single-cycle confi gurations, only one transition point is supported in a single confi guration cycle D) In R15, the cycle of UE-specifi c confi guration can be inconsistent

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