I commend the speech for my motherland Class 3, Grade 5: Zhao Siqi Distinguished teachers, dear classmates: Hello everyone! In the east of the world, there is an ancient country, which is beautiful and broad; in the east of the world, there is a great nation, which is hardworking and strong; in the east of the world, there is a vast fertile soil, which is magical and vast.She is my motherland, China.The topic of my speech today is "I praise my motherland". Since childhood, the word "China" has left a deep impression in my heart.Looking at the globe painted with mountains and rivers, the beautiful body of the motherland has been deeply branded in my heart, no matter where you are, no matter who you are, when the National Anthem sounds, full of patriotism ripples in my heart!Thousands of words convey a voice: "I love you, motherland!" I want to praise the great rivers and mountains of our motherland!Looking at today, the motherland shines like a bright pearl.Every time I look up at the sky, the wind is long and the stars are bright.Every time I look down on the earth, birds are singing and flowers are fragrant, and warblers are singing and dancing.The towering Huangshan Mountains, the beautiful West Lake, the Great Wall, the Guilin Mountains and rivers under heaven, the Hengshan Mountains in the south, the Hengshan Mountains in the north, the Taishan Mountains in the East and the Huashan Mountains in the west.This is the colorful flowering season of sixty years. I am proud of my motherland! I want to praise the scientific and technological undertakings of our motherland!China is one of the four ancient civilizations. From the initial creation of Cangjie characters to the later Tang and Song poems and CI poems, from making fires with bricks and wood to the four great inventions, from Yue Fei's devotion to serving Tianxiang's vision the of country death, to how Wen many knowledge cultures shine on the colorful rolls of China.The successful hosting of the Olympic Games, the successful completion of the space walk and the realization of Chang'e's dream of running to the moon have demonstrated China's scientific achievements in recent decades.On October 23, 2018, China's longest sea-crossing bridge, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, was officially opened to traffic. This marks that China is making great strides towards the prosperity of the century.Motherland, I am proud of you! I want to praise the leaders and talents of our motherland!It is well known to all women and children that Dayu's idea of controlling water has spread all over the world.The poems of Li Bai, Du Fu and Liu Zongyuan are spread everywhere.There are also the founders of China's rise: Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Peng Dehuai and Deng Xiaoping, who devoted their lives to working for the masses, and changed China from a poor and backward country to a prosperous country.Grandpa Xi Jinping held the "two sessions" this year, outlined a beautiful blueprint for our beautiful tomorrow, and realizing China's great national dream is near at hand.Motherland, I sing for you! Liang Qichao said, "If a young man is strong, his country will be strong; if a young man is rich, his country will be rich; if a young man stands in the world, his country will stand in the world."We are the darlings of the new era.How can we create a better motherland thinking, we with steel have and been iron?We acting, we have been have been exploring, we will let China take off!Motherland, I add color to you! Motherland!Mother!I'll compliments! give you some

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