Analysis on the Development Trend of China's Software Industry 业务和系统一体化 , 增强企业竞争力 Basic concepts of software industry The overall software market can be divided into platform software market, intermediate software market and application software market.     Software for direct control and coordination of computers, communications equipment, other peripherals and software for providing intermediate support and operating environ ment Operating systems: Windows, Turbo Lin ux, Xteam Linux, SCO-Unix, SUN (SOLARIS), I BM-AIX Database Management and Development Too ls: Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, SQL Server, Infor mix Systems and network management software : mainly IBM, HP, CA, SUN, Microsoft and othe r company products      Platform s oftware Intermedia te software Middleware software: mainly IBM (CICS, MQSeries), BEA (Tuxedo, e-commerce), TONGTECH (message middleware, transaction middleware, object middleware, etc.), Microsoft Mi ddleware Security Software: Software Products , Hardware-Software Combination Pr oducts and Overall Solutions to Ensur e the Security of Users'Networks and Systems Application software Software that directly completes a specific application without user reprogramming General application software: including office and word processing software (example MS Office), financial and industry management software (example SAP, Oracle and other ente rprise management software), translation software, education software, game and entert ainment software, etc. Industry applications: for example, applications in finance, post and telecommunications, government, energy, transportation and other industries Catalog Scale, Growth and Growth Motivation of Software Industry Main external factors (policy, foreign investment, capital mar ket, etc.) Market Forecast and Profit Situation of Segmented Market in the Next Five Years Analysis of Industry Structure Scale, Growth and Development Direction of Software Enterp rises From 2019 to 2019, China's software industry maintained a growth rate of more than 23%. Total Composition of China's Software Industry 285 900 796 800 230 593 600 500 330 238 182 322 0 2001 238.5 100 21 33 软件产品 Source: CCID, 2019 软件服务 2000 30.7% 23.9% 23.5% 亿 60 软件出口 产业总额 增 长 率 % ) 200 406 1999 176 ( 300 441.5 销 售 元 额 ( ) Amount (RMB 100 mill ion) 700 400 Growth of China's Software Market from 2019 to 2019 1999 2000 2001 Current Situation and Development Trend of Software Market in China      Current Situation and Future Forecast of Software Market Demand in China  Overall market size and growth rate in the past five years  Over the past five years, the market size and growth rate have been subdivided (by product, customer and region, outsourced software market)  Profitability of Major Segmented Markets  Growth Forecast and Profit Forecast of Total Market Scale and Segmented Markets in the Next Three Y ears  What are the driving factors affecting the total market and the segments of the market? China's Software Industry and Competitive Structure  What is the maturity of China's software industry, at what stage, and the supply and demand situatio n?How is the profitability?  How many competitors are there in the industry at present?  What is the degree of competition concentration and what is the market share of the top five (top ten) in the industry and sub-market?  What is the strength of all parties in the industry?Suppliers, customers, barriers to entry, etc.  What are the factors affecting the supply of the industry? Industry value chain  How about the cost and profit structure of different links in the industry value chain  What is the importance of different links in the value chain to customers?What is the contribution to c ustomer value?  What will happen to the proportion of different links in the value chain in the future? policy Summary of Development Trend  What will happen to the demand side in the future?  What changes will take place in the future industry structure and how will different forces in the indus try change?  What will happen to the factors affecting the supply and demand of the industry, and how will they af fect the development of the industry? From 2019 to 2019, China's software market maintained a high growth rate, with an annual compound growth rate of 27%. In 2019, the total market size reached 28.5 billion yuan. Driver - China's Software Market Maintains High-Speed Grow

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