Confidentiality and Integrity Management Commitment To: Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Party A") Address: Commitment: Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Party B" ) Statutory address: Legal representative or principal agent: In order to ensure the norms and integrity of Party A's bidding, procurement and contract performance, prevent and curb the occurrence of illegal acts such as bribery and unfair competition from the source, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of both parties, Party B hereby makes the following commitments: Article 1: Confidentiality Commitment 1. Party B agrees that it is strictly prohibited to divulge to any third party all the information provided by Party A to Party B, such as engineering information, design drawings, process flow chart, specifications and technical specifications, and shall not be used for purposes other than the implementation of this project. 2. Party B shall not use the original drawings and other raw materials provided by Party A and shall not disclose the names of Party A or Party A's projects without Party A's written consent when making inquiries to the third party for the preparation of Party A's tender quotations. 3. If Party B becomes a qualified contractor or supplier, Party A must obtain the written consent of Party A and require the third party to assume the same confidentiality obligation to Party B when necessary Party A information is provided to the third party in the implementation of the contract. 4. Party B shall not retain relevant information and materials by copying, copying or copying. 6. Party B shall ensure that all employees of Party B participating in Party A's projects or personnel employed by Party B shall bear the same obligation of confidentiality. Article 2: Commitment to Integrity 1. Party B shall not present gifts, gifts, negotiable securities, payment vouchers, etc. to Party A's staff members and family members in any name. 2. Party B shall never provide Party A staff members and their families with banquets, friendship activities, holiday tours and consumption in entertainment places. 3. Party B shall never arrange work for Party A's staff members and family members and pay for items that should be paid by Party A's own individuals, such as house decoration, marriage, funeral, travel and vacation, children studying abroad, etc. 4. Party B shall not engage in material trading and intermediary activities related to Party A's projects with Party A's staff members and their families. 5. Party B does not bid with other contractors or suppliers, and does not use any means to exclude other contractors or suppliers. 6. Party B shall not participate in Party A's project bidding or procurement activities by fraudulent means. Article 3: Commitment Cooperate with Party A's Management 1. If Party B's on-site operators do not obey the management of Party A's managers, they shall be fined 5,000 yuan for each case found; if Party B's personnel threaten Party A's managers or companies by oral, short message, e-mail or other means, Party A has the right to withdraw them immediately from the scene or submit them to the judicial department for processing, Party B shall immediately dispatch other operators to replace them and cause all damage.Party B shall bear the loss. 2. If Party B and Party A have disputes, Party B promises to take the initiative to negotiate with Party A to solve the problem.If negotiation fails, litigation shall be settled in the court where Party A is located.Party B undertakes to threaten and retaliate against Party A's management personnel or company and its related parties by oral, short message, e-mail or other means, or to implement excessive acts such as blocking doors.Party A has the right to immediately stop paying all of Party B's disbursements without interest and to recover all direct and indirect losses caused to Party A from Party B. Article 4: Term of validity This letter of commitment shall take effect from the date of signature and seal of Party B, and shall be valid until Party B receives the notice of written consent of Party A to cancel the requirement of Party B. Article 5: Liability for breach of contract If Party B violates any of the above provisions, Party B is willing to accept the following liabilities for breach of contract: 1. Party A agrees to compensate Party A

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