Morality and Rule of Law, Grade 8, Volume 1 Lesson 3 Social life can not be separated from rules Toe the mark 学习目标 1. Preliminary understanding of the relationship between soci al rules and freedom, master the requirements of conscious co mpliance with rules. 2. Recognize that rules are not invariable, learn to actively imp rove rules and master the methods of maintaining and improvi ng rules. 3. Make it clear that freedom and rules are inseparable, and ab ide by the law consciously. 新课引入 [News broadcastin g] Late in the night of 1764, a fire destroyed the library of Harvard Univ ersity. Many precious books were destroyed, which made people sad. The next day, the school learned about the major accident. One stude nt, especially with a dignified face, was pushed to a special position b y a sudden fire, forcing him to make a choice.Before that, in violation of Library rules, he quietly took a Book Donated by a priest out of the l ibrary and prepared to read it carefully before returning it.Suddenly, t he book became the only rare Harvard book of 250 donated books.Wh at should I do?Is it God who unconsciously takes possession of himself or openly admits his mistakes? After a fierce ideological struggle, the student finally knocked on the principal's office, explained the reasons, and solemnly returned the book to the school. Principal Hollywood's next move was even more surprisi ng. He accepted the book to express his gratitude, rewarded the students for their courage and honesty, and then expelled him from school. Reason: Harvard's philosophy is that it's safer and more effective to keep Harvard under the rules than to keep Harvard under other things. 自主学习 Speed reading textbook P26 - P29, think about the f ollowing questions and mark them in the book. 2. How to abide by social rules? Nothing can be accomplished witho ut norms or standards Rule: It is the standard, r ule, custom and law on which people speak and do things. It stipulates w hat people can do and ca n not do, what should be done and what should n ot be done. 新课讲解 1 自由与规则不可分 The existence of rules restric ts human beha vior and freed om. Some people say that the existence of rule s restricts human behavior and freedom.The re are rules everywhere in life, and it's What doto you think view? very restrictive want to of dothis something.W hat trouble! 探究与分享 打电话是 我的自由 ! "Freedom" can't damage other p eople's legitimat e freedom and ri ghts. 孩子睡觉了, 请您小声点儿 。 What do you think of the ma n's "freedom" to use his mobi le phone? At the beginning of September 2017, on the D395 7 train from Kunming to Beih ai, a woman was so addicted to smoking that she hid in th e bathroom of the motor vehi cle and smoked, causing the smoke alarm to alarm, and th e motor vehicle to slow down urgently. Finally, the woman was fined 500 yuan. At the end of August 2017, a prospective college st udent in Hebei Province filed a suit against the Rail way Administration for second-hand smoke from tr ains, which aroused public concern.This case, kno wn as "the first case of smoke-free litigation in publ ic places in China", has aroused a lot of controvers Beginning on June 1, 2015, Beijing implemented the "strictest smoking c ontrol regulations in history". Apart from prohibiting smoking in all publ ic places, indoor areas of workplaces and public transport, some outdoo r places were also included in the scope of smoking ban. Smokers who vi olated the ban were fined up to 200 yuan. To promote smoking ban in public places in an all-round way is a major li velihood project and popular support project.As an international conven tion country, China has been committed to banning smoking in public pl aces since 2006 when it fully implemented the convention. In 2011, the Ministry of Health issued a new edition of Rules for the Impl ementation of Regulations on Health Management in Public Places, whic h explicitly decreed "No Smoking in Public Places". How would you persuade such a smoker? Smoking or not is my personal habit. Since I can buy cigarettes f reely, I can smoke fre ely!For example, so meone bought a bottl e of mineral water, an d someone restricted him to drink or not? Can you do whatever you want without break ing the law or committing a crime? _Personal behavior in th e social and public envir onment, may have a neg ative impact on others, s hould abide by social et hics, abide by common r ules. 午休时间,同宿舍的同 学都在休息,可陈昊还 在大声朗读英语。室友 多次提醒,他说 :

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