Drea m reality What kind of environment do you like to live in? Good social order brings convenience to our study, work and life.We all hope to live in a good social order , and the formation of a good social order depends on the efforts of each of us. Lesson 3 Box 1 M aintaining Order Meaning: Social order is an orderly state of social life. Species: 1 socia l m anage men t order 3 2 seque nce of produ ction traffic o rder 4 Publi c pl order ace 运用你的 经验 order of social control What aspects of social ord er do the pictures show? traffic order sequence of production Public place order When school was over, the entrance to a middle school was in a state of chaos.Pa rents who come to pick up their children in private cars, electric bicycles and on f oot all hope that the children with schoolbags can find themselves quickly, but c rowded vehicles and crowds are blocking school doors, making the situation wor se when it rains. Consideration: 1. What will be the impact of this confusion at the school gate? 2. How do you think this confusion should be changed? 1 . Consideration: What will be the impact of thi s confusion at the school gate? Traffic congestion can easily lead to traffic accidents, which will thre aten people's life and health. Delaying the time for each parent to pi ck up and deliver their children will also easily lead to contradictions among people. 2 . How do you think this confusion should be changed? Traffic policemen maintain traffic order; schools arrange different grades to leave school at different times; parents abide by traffic r ules, waiting for children on the roadside; students queue out of s chool in an orderly manner. Normal operation of society requires order Every member of society has the need for survival and developme nt. Only when we occupy certain s ocial resources and assume corre sponding social responsibilities in an orderly manner, can we avoid confusion, reduce obstacles and r esolve contradictions, thereby im proving the efficiency of social op eration and reducing the cost of s What impact will this situation have? Social order is the guarantee of people's li ving and working in peace and contentme nt Social order creates a good social environment.In an orderly, tidy an d safe social environment, we enjo y personal freedom and property s ecurity, and enjoy fair opportunitie s for development, so that we can f eel the beauty of life and stimulate enthusiasm for life. Main points induction 2. The role of social order? (1) The normal operation of society requires order.With a good social order, society can function normally.P23 (2) Social order is the guarantee for people to live and work in peace and contentment.The orderly, clean and safe social environment makes us feel the beauty of life and stimulates our enthusiasm for life.P23 How to build a good social or der?A kind of 2. Maintaining Order by Rules 二 维护秩序靠规则 If there are no rules? When we travel... When we sit in the concert hall... When we walk in the park... Our environment will be destroyed, so cial and public life will not be harmoni ous, and communication between peo ple will not be normal and orderly. 2. Maintaining Order by Rules Exploration and Sharing In the event of major disasters, people tend to follow the rul e of "giving priority to women and the weak, leaving the stro ng behind" to evacuate orderly. When looking for a job, the laborer will sign a labor contract with the enterprise, stipulating the rights and obligations of both parties. In production and business activities, enterprises should abi de by discipline and law, abide by social morality and busine ss and assume socialdo responsibility. (1)ethics, What other rules you know about life? (2) What role do these rules play in your life? 相关链接 One meter line distance!!! Pedestrians are preferred on zebra crossings Buses should implement the "321" Zebra Lin e Comity Law: Pedestrians are worthy of your respect! 1. The Meaning of Social Rules Social rules are the agreement of peo ple's common life formed on the basis of gradually reaching tacit understanding and consensus in order to maintain an orderly social environment. 2. Types of Social Rules It is formed naturally in social life and is maintained Morality by public opinion, habits and people's beliefs. discipline Law It is formulated by certain social organizations or groups. It is formulated or approved by the state and gua ranteed

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