Xurong Grade I Constructor's "Construction Engineering Economy" Proficiency in Customs Clearance Computation Formula Summary 1. Simple interest calculation In the formula, i t represents the amount of interest in the t-th interestbearing cycle, P represents principal, and I represents the single interest rate in the interest-bearing cycle. F-principal interest and P-principal I single-interest rate In-single interest total interest 2. Compound interest calculation In the formula I - compound interest rate of interest-bearing cycle; Ft-1 represents compound interest at the end of (t-1) period and interest rate at the end of (t-1). The expressions of compound interest and interest at the end of the T period are as follows: 3. The calculation of the final and present value of a lump sum payment (1) Final value calculation (known P for F means profit and profit) (2) Present value calculation (known F for P) 4. Final Value, Present Value, Capital Recovery and Debt Payment Fund Calculation of Equivalent Payment Series Equivalent payment series cash flow sequence is continuous and equal in amount, namely: (1) Final value calculation (known A for F) (2) calculation of present value (known A for P) (3) Capital recovery calculation (known P for A) (4) Computation of debt-servicing funds (known F for A) 5. Nominal interest rate R Interest rate is the annual interest rate multiplied by the number of interest-bearing cycles in a year.Namely: 6. Calculation of Effective Interest Rate Including the interest-bearing cycle effective interest rate and the annual effective interest rate. (1) The effective interest rate of the interest-bearing cycle, i. e. the interest-bearing cycle interest rate, is determined by formula (1Z101021): (1Z101022-1) (2) Annual effective interest rate, that is, annual real interest rate. At the beginning of the year, the nominal interest rate of capital P is r, and the interest-bearing cycle rate is m times in a year.According to the formula of the final value of one payment, the profit and F of the year can be obtained. According to the definition of interest, the year's interest I is: Then, according to the definition of interest rate, we can get the real interest rate of that year, that is, the effective interest rate ieFF is: 7. Indicator of return on investment (no calculation required) P20 1 Total Return on Investment (ROI) ROI=EBIT/TI (EBIT - Pre-tax Profit, TI - Total Investment) Total Investment = Construction Investment (Including Interest on Construction Period Loan)+Total Liquidity 2 Net profit margin of capital (ROE) ROE=NP/EC (NP - Net Profit, NE - Capital of Technical Program) (Net Profit = Total Profit - Income Tax) (After Income Tax) 8. Payback period Pt= (Accumulated Net Cash Flow Beginning with Positive Annual Score-1)+ (Absolute Value of Accumulated Cash Flow in the Last Year/Net Cash Flow in Positive Year) 9. Net present financial value (1Z101035) FNPV - Net Present Value of Finance; (CI-CO) T - net cash flow in the year t (attention should be paid to' +','-'); IC - benchmark rate of return; N - Calculating period of scheme. 10. Financial Internal Return Its essence is to make the present value of the net cash flow of each year in the calculation period equal to the discount rate at zero.Its mathematical expression is as follows: (1Z101036-2) FIRR - Internal Financial Return Rate. 11. Financial Net Present Value Rate Its economic meaning is the net present value of Finance brought about by the present value of unit investment, and it is an index to examine the profitability of unit investment.Investigate the use efficiency of investment as an auxiliary evaluation index of net present value of finance.The formulas are as follows: (1Z101037-1) (1Z101037-2) Ip - the present value of investment; It - the amount of investment in the t year; K - years of investment; (P/F, ic, t) - Present Value Coefficient (see formula 1Z101083-4 for details). 12. The calculation of the index of return on investment It is the total annual net income of a normal production year after the investment scheme reaches the designed production capacity. ( Rate of not annual sales revenue) to total project investment (including construction investment, interest on loan during construction period, liquidity, etc.): (1Z101032-1) R - rate of return on investment; A - Annual net income or annual average net income; I - Total Investment 13. Static payback period Since the

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