1: At the end of the interview, we should (A).A. Explain to candidates the next procedure and approximate time B. Can't wait to tell candidates the interview results C. Please leave quickly so as not to affect the follow-up work D. Express strong dissatisfaction or approval directly to candidates. 2: The behavioral interview method requires candidates to say (A).A. Complete and authentic case B. Resume information C. Education information D. Advantages and disadvantages of candidates 3: The commonly used assessment techniques include: (ABC).A. Written Test B. Interview C. Psychology D. Writing 4: Behavior interview method should be (ABC).A. Asking for Behavior and Views B. Asking for Reality and Virtual C. Asking for Past and Future D. Asking for Plans and Views on Future Work 5: When analyzing resumes, we should pay attention to ABCD.A. The organization of work content B. Working time length and professional depth C. Work stability and experience blank period D. Understanding the career development path of candidates E. Payment of difference between original stakeholders 6: The STAR principle includes the following elements (ABCD).A. Situation B. Task C. Action D. Results 7: Before the interview, the examiner should (ABCD).A. Make sure the interviewer team members and division of labor B. Read carefully the candidate's resume C. Agree on how to describe the company's main business D. Agree on how to describe the vacant position. 8: When interviewing for high-end positions, in what ways can LIFE MAPPING help us better understand candidates?(ABCD) A. Understanding Mental Model B. Judging Value Orientation C. Observing Employment Motivation D. Summarizing Attribution Model 9: In the iceberg model, the individual qualities mentioned include: (ABCD).A. Knowledge B. Professional Skills C. Personality Traits D. Values 10:The answers of the following candidates need to be further questioned (ABCD).A. Last time we talked to our customers about the contract, we made the lowest profit, but the customers still had to continue discounting. The atmosphere was very tense and the two sides refused to compromise, but in the end we won and signed the contract without reducing the price.B. When I first arrived at that position, facing many things, the company did not have a correct processing process, often happened unclear responsibilities, and then I designed a set of procedures according to the existing process.C. They have advanced their work deadlines and put great pressure on the whole department.But with our collective efforts and division of labor and cooperation, we finally finished the work on schedule.D. I think the key to becoming a good manager is to understand the needs of employees carefully and to be sympathetic to their feelings. 11: Send the following information which is not recommended in the recruitment advertisement (C).A. Recruitment Position B. Job Responsibility C. Gender Requirements: Male D. Job Location: Beijing 12:The following are valid interview questions (D).A. We need people who can withstand pressure. Can you?B. It seems that you like letter challenge very much. Is that true?C. When you encounter problems, do you choose to deal with them independently or with team members?D. Can you tell me something about the last time your colleagues made you angry? 13: If we recruit the general manager of a securities company, the following qualities should be the focus of our investigation (D).A. Family situation B. Educational background C. Financial knowledge D. Personality traits and values 14: Internal training belongs to the external supply mode of human resources.Wrong 15: The basic assumption of behavioral interviews is that past behavior can better predict the future.Yes 16: Human Resources Department and Employment Department should maintain close communication in the recruitment process.Yes

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