2007 University Students'Personal Resume Model Guidance:This article is a model resume for college students in 2017. If you can help, you are welcome to comment and share it. Basic Situation: Name: Political Appearance: CPA Major: Specialized Birth Date: 19XX Year, XX Month, XX Native Place: Guangdong Lufeng Graduation College: Degree: Bachelor of Management Education: Undergraduate E-mail: Character: Enthusiasm, Openness, Honesty, Trustworthiness, Serious Responsibility, GroupAbility to weave, communicate and coordinate.Specialty: Calligraphy, Photography, Computer, Network English and Computer Skills: 1. Good English proficiency, passed CET-4 in English-speaking countries.Can carry out necessary listening, speaking, reading and writing.2. Successfully passed the second level of the state computer and won the title of "Excellent" of the second level of the province.Familiar with DOS environment, can be used on Windows X platform: WPS, Word, Excel "User Friends", "Golden Disk" and other software.Award winning situation: and was rated as "outstanding student cadres".He has won the titles of "Three Good" and "Advanced Individual" successively.On behalf of the Accounting Department, he won the first prize of the group in the "Chorus Competition in Memory of the Eighty Years of the Founding of the Party".He won the third prize in the Calligraphy Competition of Accounting Department.Posts and jobs: freshman to committee.Sophomore sophomore: to as Senior: a Secretary class of labor League Branch.Member of Student Economic Research Association of the College.Name: XX Gender: Male Age: 22 Health Status: Good Political Situation: Origin of CPC Members: Family Background of Shanxi XX City: Family Profession of Workers and Workers: Marketing Education: Undergraduate (Reading) Job Intention: Secretarial Work, PlanningNegotiation, Trade, Product communication, Marketing, advertising, Activity market research, etc.Knowledge Structure: This semester's major course: Business Negotiation Organizational Behavior Survey Statistics College English Modern Business Economics Sports Economics Writing Last semester Achievements: Business Public Relations Probability Economics Computer Programming Business Economics Insurance 80 82.83.5 83.5 84 78.4 79 Professional Skills: Self-taught and mastered labor law, guarantee law, product promotionKnowledge of retailing, market research, etc.Computer Level: Proficient in Word 2003, Excel, PPT, Internet operation, and self-taught Photoshop image processing technology document certificate: CET-6, Accounting Certificate, ISO Enterprise Internal Auditor Certificate, Foreign Language Excellent Certificate, Driving Certificate: Excellent College Students Honor Certificate, First-class Scholarship onthe-job: Class Learning CommitteeRecent social work: in April 2009, planned and participated in the first rural compulsory education support activities of the College of Economics and Trade (certificated). In July 2009, Taiyuan Coca-Cola Co., Ltd. had 24 days'internship (certified by internship). In August 2009, Changzhi "Mei" Store, Changzhi, promoted 11 days, 10 January, Shanghai Kaol Futures Exchange, 30 days' internship (certified by internship) in Changzhi Branch, Xiamen Ping, 10 years, JulyAnyang Investment and Finance Department internship for 30 days (with internship certificate) stylistic expertise: good at writing articles, badminton, swimming, long- distance self-evaluation: personality shortcomings: jealousy, vanity, often because of fear of risk and conservative personality advantages: cautious, responsible, not afraid of hardship, diligent learning has strong organizational ability and activity planning ability, haveStrong language expression ability, fluent writing and strong team spirit, good interpersonal relationship in university, high prestige among students, good at "collaborative combat" summary: I am a responsible and ideal youth, the pursuit of their own ideals, never stopped.With my strength and sincerity, I hope to become a member of the enterprise.I will use my theoretical knowledge to create profit value for the company.Contcontact contact: _________________________________________________To be informedThe joy of admission fades with the wind, because everything has to start anew and work hard again to save strength for the victory of the next challenge.Four years of college have made me ma

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